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NFL 2013 Power Rankings

One of the most memorable Week 17s in NFL history didn’t disappoint from the opening snap at 1pm to the last whistle of Sunday Night Football. This has been a very competitive regular season, but now begins a whole new season of its own and if the regular season was any indication, this postseason should be one for the ages. On to the rankings.

This is shaping up to be one of the greatest week 17s in NFL history. The NFC East is still up for grabs with the Eagles and Cowboys playing each other and the NFC North is still up for grabs with the Bears and the Packers playing each other. The sixth seed in the AFC is wide open with four teams all with a puncher’s chance to grab it. If you love football, week 17 will be your dream come true. On to the rankings.

Outside of the six seeds, we pretty much have an idea of who will be making the playoffs this year. Some of these teams are contenders, others not so much. Will the hot team be the one to make a run to the Super Bowl or will we see a clash of conference titans (sorry Tennessee, not you) in the Meadowlands this February? On to the rankings.