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NFL 2013 Power Rankings

Coming into this week, I didn’t think any of the games were going to be very entertaining but it turns out I was wrong. In the 1 o’clock group of games, there were some real barn burners, none more exciting than the Chargers-Chiefs game that came down to a late touchdown pass from Phillip Rivers. But that in itself sets up the point I want to make. Three weeks ago, if you had to guess who would win this game, most people would have said the Chiefs. Hell even before the game, most people would pick the Chiefs at home over the fraudulent Chargers, but it turns out the real frauds are the Chiefs. Sure they lost Tamba Hali and Justin Houston to injury, but giving up 38 points at home is pretty bad. Now what happens when they play a team that can stop Jamaal Charles? Or a team that can drive down the field like the Chargers did. Even the Broncos, who are much more talented than their opponents, had to come back and win on the road. My point is that the AFC is full of frauds. They may have looked like great teams early on but are they good enough to beat their NFC counterpart? On to the rankings.

Its come to my attention that some people have taken issue with my rankings and the way I rank certain teams. Week after week, at the bottom of the rankings, I post my twitter and my email. Don’t be afraid to email me or tweet me to tell me your issues. Maybe I made a mistake. At the very least, I can explain the method to my madness. There’s a reason I rank teams the way I do. Its more than just wins and losses. For example, I have the Giants and Jets close to each other because I think the Giants are better than their record and the Jets aren’t as good as theirs. They don’t really play like a 5-5 team because of their inconsistencies whereas the Giants, riding a four game winning streak, looks better than their 4-6 record. There are other examples, but there is a method to my madness. On to the rankings.