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NFL 2013 Power Rankings – Week 14

With three games left in the regular season, its getting to be pretty obvious who ’s real and who isn’t. Some more teams have been mathematically eliminated and others are showing life. This was a week of relative upsets so lets get on to the rankings.

32. Houston Texans (2-11) (32) – Now here’s a team that knows how to lose. When you tank, you don’t just show signs of life, you have to implode. You have to look at yourself as a team and realize that it can get much much worse…and then proceed to chase that. The Texans could have waited until the offseason to fire Gary Kubiak but they’ve been in offseason mode for a long time now. Why wait and delay the inevitable? Happy trails, Kubiak. Something tells me you’ll be reunited with your boy Shanahan in Boca Raton, plotting your returns to the sideline. Next game: @ Indianapolis Colts

31. Oakland Raiders (4-9) (30) – I like Dennis Allen but I hate his coaching decisions. I think he’s a lot like Rob Chudzinski. You give him a team with a good running game and a decent defense and he’ll do alright. Allen needs to pick a quarterback. Better yet, he needs to have quality quarterbacks to choose from. I think Pryor has the talent but he’s a long way off. Next game: vs Kansas City Chiefs

30. Atlanta Falcons (3-10) (29) – Matt Ryan played pretty well in this game and a missed Matt Bryant field goal and a dropped Tony Gonzalez pass sealed their fate and cost them the win. The Falcons defense was nonexistent as they let Matt Flynn and the Packers control the pace of this game. Next game: vs Washington Redskins

29. Minnesota Vikings (3-9-1) (28) – The Vikings had this game won. Matt Cassel’s pass to Cordarelle Patterson with 45 seconds left was the nail in the coffin. Then the defense completely imploded and somehow let the Ravens move the ball down the field, leading to a Joe Flacco touchdown pass to Marlon Brown with four seconds left. While the Vikes did play well, I fully expect Leslie Frazier to get fired at the end of the season.Next game: vs Philadelphia Eagles

28. Tennessee Titans (5-8) (27) – There really isn’t much to say about this game. They played the Broncos, who happen to be really really good at football. I will say that there are reports that Chris Johnson, Jake Locker and head coach Mike Munchak will not be back next season. With Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright being the only offensive weapons available, it’ll be interesting to see what this team looks like next season, assuming these reports are true. Next game: vs Arizona Cardinals

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9) (31) – I keep saying it. Mike Glennon looks like a capable quarterback and the Bucs have an opportunity to build around him and put a capable defense on the field. Greg Schiano better thank Mike Glennon every day he wakes up because his job may have been saved by the rookie signal caller. Next game: vs San Francisco 49ers

26. Buffalo Bills (4-9) (25) – The Bills get a bit of a pass this season. They have a rookie head coach, a rookie quarterback and an unbalanced offense. If they can keep the core together and build on this, the Bills will be a tough team to beat in the coming years. With such a young team, who could expect them to go into a hostile environment and win, especially giving up so many turnovers? Thats hard to do, even for a good team. Next game: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9) (26) – At one point in the season, when teams were killing the Jags, I would offer no analysis and simply say that they were playing the Jaguars. Now it seems the tables have turned a little and that team has become the Houston Texans. So with that being said, the Jags won because they played the Hapless Houston Texans. Next game: vs Buffalo Bills

24. Washington Redskins (3-10) (23) – During their game, I tweeted that it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Mike Shanahan was fired or quit at halftime the way this game was going. That team isn’t playing hard anymore, they’ve tuned him out and they’ll lose their last three games of the season…then he’ll be fired. And deservedly so. Next game: @ Atlanta Falcons

23. Cleveland Browns (5-8) (22) – The Browns looked like they were going to pull the upset on the road against the AFC East leading Patriots, but an onside kick and quick touchdown later, they were on the losing end of this game. The Browns have a lot to hang their hats on. They played tough and are a few pieces away from being a real contender. Next game: vs Chicago Bears

22. St Louis Rams (5-8) (21) – The Rams looked like they might make a little noise in the NFC playoff race but that defense didn’t show up against Carson Palmer (an injured Carson Palmer at that) and the Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald did Larry Fitzgerald things and this game was a prime example of how tough the NFC West can be. Next game: vs New Orleans Saints

21. San Diego Chargers (6-7) (24) – I wish the Chargers had a better record because I think they’d be a really fun team to watch in the playoffs. Ryan Mathews is having a great season, Phillip Rivers is managing to play well despite losing two of his best targets and they’ve been an entertaining team to watch. They’re still mathematically alive but I think its going to come to an end this week. Next game: @ Denver Broncos (TNF)

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-8) (16) – The Steelers can’t seem to get on the right side of any calls over the past few weeks. First Sideline-Gate against Baltimore, now Toe-gate (can we call it that?) against Miami. Antonio Brown was on his way to a game winning touchdown after what seemed like a million lateral passes on 4th down but he was called out of bounds at the 12 yard line. With the playoffs out of reach, its time for the Steelers to play spoiler. Next game: vs Cincinnati Bengals (SNF)

19. New York Giants (5-8) (13) – The Giants storybook run ends here with their loss to the Chargers. They couldn’t stop Keenan Allen, or anyone else for that matter. The Giants didn’t look like they were ready to play and when you go to San Diego, you have to bring your A game. Something about these Charger teams makes Eli Manning look like Cooper Manning. Next game: vs Seattle Seahawks

18. New York Jets (6-7) (20) – Geno Smith might have just saved Rex Ryan’s job. Maybe it was because he was playing the Raiders but Geno looked like a guy that has played football before. He completed over 50% of his passes for 219 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for another score and only got sacked once, but it wouldn’t be Geno Smith if he didn’t throw an interception. I think this win had more to do with the Raiders being a bad team, for what its worth. Next game: @ Carolina Panthers

17. Miami Dolphins (7-6) (19) – The Dolphins are still in the playoff hunt and have a good opportunity this week to take out a division rival and play spoiler down the road. Beat the Pats here and maybe you see them again in a few weeks in New England. This is easily the biggest game of Ryan Tannehill’s career. I hope he’s ready for the challenge. Next game: vs New England Patriots

16. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5) (18) – Shady McCoy ran all over the Lions defense…in a week where my fantasy team had a playoff bye week of course. Nick Foles finally threw an interception and ironically it came after Chip Kelly announced that Foles would be the starting quarterback next season, barring any injury. Next game: @ Minnesota Vikings

15. Cincinnati Bengals (9-4) (17) – The Bengals are really starting to play well at the right time, even with all their injuries. They lost Geno Atkins but they pressed on. They lost Leon Hall and guys stepped up. Now with Terence Newman hurt, they’ll need to find someone to fill the void. Its remarkable what they’ve been able to do despite the injuries and if they continue to play well, they could possibly lock up a first round bye. Next game: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (SNF)

14. Green Bay Packers (6-6-1) – The Packers finally got a win for the first time in over a month with Matt Flynn at quarterback. Its hard to say if they’ll play Aaron Rodgers down the stretch. Wait…they played the Falcons. Why am I even wasting time breaking this down. @ Dallas Cowboys

13. Detroit Lions (7-6) (11) – When are the Lions going to get out of their own way? Can they stop sabotaging themselves? Matt Stafford looks like an All-Pro quarterback one week, and looks like Mark Sanchez the next. And don’t tell me its because of the snow or its because Reggie Bush didn’t play. They need to get their act together if they want to hold on to this division. Next game: vs Ravens (MNF)

12. Chicago Bears (7-6) (14) – There’s about to be a line of quarterbacks waiting to play for Marc Trestman if this keeps up. The offense is insane. They have two 1,000 yard receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey and they have a 1,000 rusher in Matt Forte. This team scored on every position but their last (when they kneeled to end the game) in the second half en route to a 45-28 Cowboys thrashing. The defense did allow 28 points but with an offense like this, who needs defense? Next game: @ Cleveland Browns

11. Arizona Cardinals (8-5) (12) – The Cardinals are hot and Carson Palmer is playing well under Bruce Arians. Personally I hope they keep winning. I would love to see Arians become the first head coach ever to win back to back Coach of the Year Awards with two different teams. Next game: @ Tennessee Titans

10. Indianapolis Colts (8-5) (7) – I think the Colts might be a bad team. I mean, Andrew Luck is awesome, but as a team they suck. They can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass, they can’t run the ball and TY Hilton doesn’t want to be a number one receiver. The offensive line is killing Luck and he still passed for 326 yards and four touchdowns. They clinched the AFC South but they’ll be a first round exit if they don’t turn it around.Next game: vs Houston Texans

9. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) (6) – The Cowboys and Eagles are on a collision course that will culminate in week 17. Could you ask for a better way to win your division? Last game of the regular season…win and you’re in. Next game: vs Green Bay Packers

8. Baltimore Ravens (7-6) (10) – Remember at this point last year when no one thought the Ravens were very good and they played that game (I believe it was the Titans) where Flacco converted a 4th and 17 play to Ray Rice and that was the beginning of their Super Bowl run? This game was their 4th and 17 of 2013. After a flurry of scores in the last 125 seconds, Flacco found Marlon Brown in the back of the end zone with 4 seconds left to win the game. I’m not saying they’ll go to the Super Bowl again but don’t count out this Ravens team. Next game: @ Detroit Lions (MNF)

7. New Orleans Saints (10-3) (9) – The Saints are a well coached bunch. I knew they’d be able to bounce back after their Monday Night Football loss to the Seahawks, especially at home. Sean Payton does a good job and they never lose two in a row.Next game: @ St Louis Rams

6. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) (8) – After losing three straight games, the Chiefs got awesome news. They played the Redskins. It was over by the end of the first quarter. Maybe Andy Reid needs to unleash Alex Smith a little more. He’s better than people think. Next game: @ Oakland Raiders

5. Carolina Panthers (9-4) (2) – Riverboat Ron didn’t have a chance to gamble this week because New Orleans was all over them from the jump. Well, maybe not from the jump, but definitely from the 2nd quarter. They Saints scored 21 straight points en route to a 31-13 Carolina loss. One loss doesn’t negate what the Panthers have been able to do all season and with division games, you tend to have to throw out the records. Next game: vs New York Jets 

4. Seattle Seahawks (11-2) (1) – Remember last week when I said I defy anyone to name a team that will walk into Seattle and hand them a loss? Well, I stand by my statement. This team is great at home. They’re still very good on the road but the 49ers know them so well that they were able to squeak out a win at Candlestick Park. Good thing for Seattle they have home field advantage. Next game: @ New York Giants

3. New England Patriots (10-3) (5) – You hear it all the time. Its better to be lucky than good. If there’s any one word to describe the Patriots season, its gotta be lucky. They’ve been lucky to be in such a terrible division, they’ve been lucky to have won a good number of their games despite terrible quarterback play and they’ve been lucky to have been relatively healthy all season. Their luck may have run out with Rob Gronkowski tearing his ACL and expected to miss the rest of the season. Next game: @ Miami Dolphins

2. San Francisco 49ers (9-4) (4) – With some of the other top NFC teams playing well, people sort of forgot about the Niners but they’re in good position going into the playoffs. They took care of business against a great Seattle team and hung around long enough to put them away at the end of the game. These guys are starting to get healthy again and will be a tough team to play going forward. Next game: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

1. Denver Broncos (11-2) (3) – I think the Broncos are on a new mission now that they’ve locked up the top seed in the AFC. They look like they want to silence any doubts that anyone might have. People came out and said Peyton Manning struggles in cold weather so he went out and threw for damn near 400 yards and four scores. He wants to not only break Tom Brady’s single season touchdowns record, he wants to destroy it and you know what? I like it. He’s only a few touchdowns away with three games left to play against some mediocre defenses. I like the swagger that this team is playing with and I hope they carry it into the postseason. Next game: vs San Diego Chargers (TNF)
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