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What a time….To be alive (Cliche I know, blame Drake & Future)

The NBA is back and now we are here to witness another season of greatness for one team but which team will it be?! The excitement & anticipation is at an all time high for this season as many stories unfold. Will Warriors repeat and prove that last year’s championship was no fluke? How will the comeback seasons of Kevin Durant, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony & Kobe Bryant reveal itself? Can LeBron bring a championship to Cleveland? There are a lot more questions but let’s forget about the questions and enjoy this wonderful game of basketball tonight!

If you were a Knicks fan at this time last year, you were probably not a very happy person. The franchise just had a summer where there biggest acquisitions were Samuel Dalembert and Jose Calderon via trade. Therein were two players who were then a decent amount past being relatively good basketball player in the NBA. Calderon and Dalembert were thirty two and thirty three, not the premiere age of players you want to be adding to your team on the offseason. Both of them had their best seasons years ago. Both even last year would have be added to a team just for depth not as a big piece of a rebuilding team.