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NFL 2014 Power Rankings

For the KIRS Top 100 NFL Players of 2014, Stan and Rob both put together their own individual lists and then averaged the rankings together to make a combined Top 100. The graphic showing the list will have their ranking obviously, but also where Stan and Rob ranked them on their individual lists, in case you were curious. Many disagreements will be had over those choices.

Stan: As Rob and I have both mentioned before, people don’t have a clear definition of what the MVP Award is. Does it go to the best player on the best team? Does it go to the best player at the most important position? I say no to both of these. The MVP is exactly what it stands for. The Most Valuable Player. The guy that is insanely better at his position than anyone else is at their respective positions. The guy that, if removed from his team, his replacement wouldn’t come close to the same production and that team would go 0-16. That to me is an MVP.