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NFL 2014 Power Rankings

Ah, football season. Its finally here, and so are the official KIRS NFL Power Rankings. This year’s going to be a little different. Last year, teams in our rankings moved up and down solely on wins and losses so a team that only won 5 games could technically be a top 20 team if they won the majority of their games in the last few games of the season. This year, teams will have to earn their spots in the rankings. Beating the Raiders won’t help you jump a team that beat the Broncos…if that actually happens. Also, we’re going to have some feedback with the rankings. Rob DiRe and I are doing rankings and we’ll compare and contrast what we came up with. It’ll be like dueling banjos, except we’re not rednecks and we’re ranking football teams. So here we go…the second annual official KIRS NFL Power Rankings.