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The Spurs Way –

San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets 8PM (EST) November 6, 2014

I tuned in genuinely excited but Im a NBA fan so I am genuinely excited for any NBA game especially those on Thursday nights on TNT which are required viewing for all hardcore round ball fans. It was the Spurs and the undefeated Rockets but low and behold here we were again. Pop was resting his prime time players on a prime time night. Guys like Zach Lowe who’s Grantland pieces are some of the best on the web will tell you there’s research to support how the Spurs handle back to backs but I call MALARKEY!

As a direct result of not being able to reach an agreement the Oklahoma City Thunder have decided to part ways with last season’s sixth man of the year award winner. The defending Western Conference champions were not interested in playing the waiting game in watching a star hit the free agent market and have decided to make James Harden’s decision for him.