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NBA Game Of The Week – Rockets At Lakers (10/28/14)

Over the NBA season I will detail the games I watch, what they mean and the trends emerging. Here is my first 2014-2015 NBA GAME LOG

The Purple and Gold Wedding –

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets 10:30 PM (EST) October 28, 2014 (Opening Night)

As the Lakers march deeply into the tail end of Kobe’s career which in all honesty seems like a glorified tank scheme finally what’s been years in the making hit me hard. Life comes at you fast and for the Lakers this could not ring truer. Sitting on my couch watching as the Black Mamba launched difficult shot after difficult shot it against the Rockets on opening night it hit me, it’s over. Kobe’s will won’t let him play past this season. I’m no insider, I’m not on the phone with “Sources” nor am I a guy on TV making crazy predictions only to hedge them against even crazier ones. I just know this Laker team is terrible and Kobe is no ones doormat.

Julius Randle’s injury wipes out the only hope the Laker’s had, a promising young rookie embracing Kobe’s tough love approach suffering a broken leg and not just any regular broken leg a broken leg that was broken by his other leg.  We all thought the 4-0 sweep of the Laker’s in 2011 by the Mavericks was an aberration but instead it was the new reality. A reality where the Lakers don’t matter at all.  Other articles/ pundits want to tell us if Jerry Buss was alive this would not be the case but could he have just been the NBA’s Jerry Jones sitting in the suite watching his brain child collapse while longing for the glory days?

Julius Randle Injury

It may seem like a pile on and an easy time to put the Lakers down but we can not hide it anymore, the Lakers do not matter at all and there only hope is that top 5 protected pick the Lakers gave the Suns for the now defunct point guard Steve Nash. We live in a world where the Lakers hope for high draft picks, where Jeanie Buss publicly acknowledges ESPN blogs, where players move on from the purple and gold.



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