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Five Thoughts: College Football 2015 – Week 6

1. Miami’s loss is for the greater good.
The Hurricanes aren’t very good. This loss to FSU in the long run helps Miami in the future because they will have no other choice but to fire Al Golden.
2. Will Grier’s suspension isn’t the end of the world.
He’s only a freshman and if UF can win some kind of appeal, maybe he’ll be able to start next season from Week 1 rather than Week 7.
3. USC just took a huge blow.
Steve Sarkisian getting fired is a huge lose to the Trojans. He’s a very good offensive coach and he recruits the west coast pretty well. Its tough to see Sark go through these problems on a national platform. It has to be tough enough to battle alcohol and substance abuse and go through a divorce but on top of that he has to coach one of the more storied programs in college football. I hope he can get the help he needs and turn it around.
4. Be very afraid of the Wolverines.
Three straight shutouts isn’t a fluke. These guys are well coached, very disciplined and very dangerous. Don’t be surprised if they beat a Not-So-Impressive Ohio State team later on this season.
5. The Red River Rivalry sucked.
I think many people expected to be one sided but not this way. Texas fans and administration showed a lot by backing Charlie Strong despite the poor start to the season. They know its a process and he has the tools to turn it around in Austin. That being said, what a poor showing by Oklahoma. They couldn’t stop the run, and everyone knew it was coming.
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