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Three Players The Knicks Should Avoid & Covet In Free Agency

Well it is that time again, the time when the professional basketball players get paid. Well not exactly that time, it is actually the time when they are free to negotiate new terms as to how much they are paid.

The Knicks, being a team lacking most of the collective talent in the NBA, are hoping that many of the free agents will be up to join their basketball club. They have put themselves in a peculiar position by drafting a player who is a big question mark. The only thing about him that is not a question mark is the fact that he will take time to develop. So the Knicks will need a lot of help fast. They will need to target the right players who will help them right away and could also help in the long term. Here are three players the Knicks should covet this free agent season and three players they should avoid throwing money at.

Players to avoid

  1. LaMarcus Aldridge.

While I like the game and energy Aldridge brings to the floor, he just does not seem like a good fit for this particular Knicks team in the current phase that they are in. They need defense and he has never really been known for that. He can really score in the paint but needs the ball in his hands a lot for that. That is something that will conflict with Carmelo Anthony’s game.

Also he is not young enough to be the guy they will one day hope to take over for Anthony. There is no doubt LaMarcus Aldridge is one of the top free agents available, however the Knicks should be weary especially because of their most recent mistake with signing free agent big men over the age of twenty-six. We all remember how the Amar’e Stoudemire contract worked out…

  1. Roy Hibbert

Definitely one of the tougher guys to put on this list, if you had asked me a year ago if I wanted Roy Hibbert on my team I would have taken him no question. But with the decline of his play makes one think that he may have peaked out on that Indiana Pacers team two years ago.

He just got simply outplayed by Bosh in those Eastern Conference finals in 2014. That kind of performance in such a crucial playoff series can really make you lose faith in a guy.

  1. Monta Ellis.

Another guy who needs the ball in his hands a lot to work. People would argue otherwise since he played with Dirk Nowitzski this past season but I am still not convinced. Not to mention the franchise that recently got rid of him won a championship and the fact that he has still yet to find a long term home. Usually players that bounce around from team to team are not that great because if they were, one of those teams would have realized it and given them a long term home. The last thing the Knicks need is a slightly more talented version of J.R. Smith.

Players to Covet

  1. Marc Gasol

Now this is a player the Knicks could use, he is fully developed, plays defense and rebounds immensely. The Knicks need both of those considering they are in serious lax in the rebounding and defense department. Now add in the fact that he moves well and can knock down an open jump shot, and you can see how well he would fit into Phil Jackson’s triangle.

This guy should be priority number one for the Knicks. I think he would be a perfect fit for this team. Hopefully he saw how well his brother worked in the triangle offensive system. Not to mention he might also be able to help teach Kristaps Porzingis how to play tough in the paint.

  1. Ed Davis

One of the lesser known free agents of this summer, Davis looks like he would be a good fit for this Knicks team that needs depth. Barring the Knicks get someone else to play power forward, Davis could come off the bench and be their best player off of there. He would also come pretty cheap because it is known that he is not as high level of a player as Gasol or Aldridge.

Not the greatest scorer, Davis makes a living on the glass. The Knicks need a multitude of good rebounders and Ed David would be a terrific start. Plus he is only twenty-six.

  1. Wesley Mathews

This should also be one of the Knicks main priorities, depending on how much he will be willing to sign for. They might be able to get him at a discount because he is coming off surgery for his ruptured Achilles tendon. Also he was a fan favorite for good reason in Portland.

He can do a multitude of things including knock down the three point shot efficiently, play tough defense and bring a good winning mindset to the team. He was playing for a winning team for the last five years. This would be a great addition to the New York Knicks.

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