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Fitness: Beginners Training Routine

A lot of people give up working out because they don’t know what to do at the gym or have no idea how to start.

If you are new to working out you don’t want to kill yourself right away because you’ll end up exhausting yourself and chances are you won’t go back.

So you want to have a plan and work accordingly. To start I’ll give you a full body routine to prepare your muscles for more intense training.

Start with 3 days of weight training and incorporate cardio and flexibility exercises (stretching) for better results.

During the first 3 weeks do 1 set of 12-15 reps (meaning you’ll do each exercise ONCE but 15 repetitions) use light weight for each of these exercises:

  • Leg press: workouts your quads and glutes
  • Lying leg curl: leg curls helps you build the back of your thighs (hamstrings)
  • Flat bench press: builds your chest
  • Seated cable row: workouts your upper back
  • Dumbbell press: this exercise will make your shoulders stronger and give your shoulders a nice pump.
  • Push down: workouts your triceps (back of your arms)
  • Barbell curl (take dumbbells if barbell is too heavy): want nice biceps? get nice arms by improving your biceps with this exercise.
  • Standing calf raise: self explanatory, workouts your calves.
  • Crunches: We all want abs, crunches will not only help you burn fat there but it will also make your core strong.

Try to take between 45-60 seconds between exercises, if you find it difficult to catch your breath then take a few more seconds but don’t give up!

I'm Natalie Friedman, senior in Brooklyn College majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Fitness is my passion and I aspire to inspire others to a healthy lifestyle. I am currently interning with KIRS, where I write articles about exercises, nutrition and anything fitness related. NAASM aspiring personal trainer.

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