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Amir Khan & World Star Hip Hop

There’s no secret that the mega fight we want to see is Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao. I have researched and looked everywhere to see what can and cannot make this fight happen. First I thought it wouldn’t and stood no chance but then I saw Pacquiao all but say he will agree to what ever terms Money Mayweather dictates. But then the truth came to the light.

The name of the opponent we are going to see Floyd Mayweather fight next is Amir Khan. Why you ask am I so certain when nothing is set in stone? My answer WORLDSTARHIPHOP.com. Yea I said it and I know it doesn’t make any sense but here’s why it does. Exhibit A is right below Now I know what your thinking… boy does that burger look good. Still the more pressing issue is why in the world is a video of Amir freaking Khan on Worldstar Hip Hop? Why would the preeminent hip-hop blog plug a run of the mill middleweight boxer who beat Devon Snooze Snooze Alexander? Really there is no way to explain this except that it may be a marketing ploy to make this Khan Mayweather fight seem plausibly entertaining.

I have no proof but does Jeff Goldblum have any in those movies where he plays a scientist. Listen you may think I’m crazy but until you can tell me why Amir Khan is on World Star Hip Hop you can go and kick rocks. I can say with 100 % certainty that Amir Khan will be fighting Floyd Mayweather.

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