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NFL 2013 Power Rankings – Week 11

Its come to my attention that some people have taken issue with my rankings and the way I rank certain teams. Week after week, at the bottom of the rankings, I post my twitter and my email. Don’t be afraid to email me or tweet me to tell me your issues. Maybe I made a mistake. At the very least, I can explain the method to my madness. There’s a reason I rank teams the way I do. Its more than just wins and losses. For example, I have the Giants and Jets close to each other because I think the Giants are better than their record and the Jets aren’t as good as theirs. They don’t really play like a 5-5 team because of their inconsistencies whereas the Giants, riding a four game winning streak, looks better than their 4-6 record. There are other examples, but there is a method to my madness. On to the rankings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) (32) – The #TankForTeddy division leaders reestablished why they’re the odds on favorite to draft the Louisville quarterback in April. Against the Arizona Cardinals, they made Carson Palmer look like he was back at USC, and thats pretty hard to do. Next game: @ Houston Texans

31. Atlanta Falcons (2-8) (29) – Three months ago, if you had told me that the Falcons and Bucs would be playing to have the same record in mid-November, I would have agreed. If you had told me that they’d both have 2 wins each, I’d call you crazy…yet here we are. Matt Ryan is obviously lost without Julio Jones and this offense can’t move the ball. This season is lost and there’s a chance they could end up with the first overall pick. Jadeveon Clowney would look good down in Atlanta. Next game: vs New Orleans Saints

30. Minnesota Vikings (2-8) (28) – The Vikings should fire Leslie Frazier now. He’s all out of ideas and he doesn’t know how to coach. One could even question whether he had any ideas in the first place. He said Christian Ponder is his quarterback moving forward, then he decided that Ponder wasn’t good enough to finish the game and he put in Matt Cassel. Top that off with the fact that Adrian Peterson couldn’t move the ball and the result is a loss to a team thats won its last 13 home games.  Next game: @ Green Bay Packers

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) (31) – I want to apologize for a slight mixup in last week’s rankings. I had the Bucs at 0-9 when I meant 1-8. It was a typo, my bad. The Bucs don’t look a lot better but they took advantage of a terrible Falcons team. Bobby Rainey had himself a hell of a game and Mike Glennon continues to stake his claim as the Buccaneers’ quarterback of the future. Next game: @ Detroit Lions

28. Houston Texans (2-8) (25) – Gary Kubiak should be int he same boat with Leslie Frazier. He’s got to be the issue. He has to be the problem. Its not the injuries. Every team has injuries. This team is still really talented and I feel like Kubiak isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. He’s been the coach there for a while, so maybe its time for a change. Next game: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

27. Tennessee Titans (4-6) (26) – The Titans got out to a decent lead but (by no fault of their own) they blew the lead. Ryan Fitzpatrick played well and Chris Johnson had a great first half. Despite the score, this game wasn’t very close. The Titans closed the gap with 10 fourth quarter points in garbage time. Thankfully for the Titans, the other teams trying to get the 6th seed in the AFC playoff picture also suck.  Next game: @ Oakland Raiders
26. Oakland Raiders (4-6) (30) – Terrell Pryor was scratched from the starting lineup with a knee injury. It didn’t seem to be an issue as Matt McGloin, the rookie out of Penn State, played really well and led the Raiders to a win over the struggling Houston Texans. The defense forced two turnovers and Rashad Jennings ran extremely well, gaining 150 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries. The Raiders won’t make the playoffs but they’ll make things really interesting for teams trying to get that last playoff spot.Next game: vs Tennessee Titans
25. San Diego Chargers (4-6) (24) – The Chargers, like always, have gotten in their own way and let a team that they should beat, beat them. I think the Dolphins are a decent team but the Chargers shouldn’t have lost this game. Phillip Rivers and Ryan Tannehill played almost identical games. Even time of possession was pretty close. At the end of the day, the Dolphins scored touchdowns and the Chargers kicked field goals. Next game: @ Kansas City Chiefs
24. Buffalo Bills (4-7) (27) – The Bills destroyed the Jets in more than one way, dominating that game. The defense really stepped up and took care of business against a quarterback that I’ve been saying for months, just isn’t very good. He’s no good. EJ Manuel played pretty well, but its the defense that shone this week. Next game: Bye Week

23. St Louis Rams (4-6) (23) – Bye Week. Next game: vs Chicago Bears

22. Cleveland Browns (4-6) (18) – I’ve said this more than once this season. The Browns are a quarterback away from being a legitimate threat in the AFC. Alright, maybe a quarterback AND a running back. Jason Campbell’s been doing a decent job leading this team and the defense is obviously their strength. They didn’t necessarily get outplayed by the Bengals but Campbell’s three interceptions made things difficult. Josh Gordon had a good game, most of which came on a 74 yards touchdown play. Joe Haden is a great job defending AJ Green but all that wasn’t enough. Next game: vs Pittsburgh Steelers

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) (22) – For all the Steelers have been through this season, their defense looked damn good in the second half of this game. As a matter of fact, the Lions scored all their points in the 2nd quarter. Big Ben had his best game of the season and he’s playing well at the perfect time. If the Steelers play their cards right, they can grab that sixth playoff spot in the AFC. Can you think of a more dangerous wildcard team than the Steelers? I can’t. Next game: @ Cleveland Browns

20. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) (21) – As a Giants fan, I was hoping the Redskins would win this game but as a realist, I knew the Eagles would win. The Eagles are now in first place in the division and they’re to play well in a bad division. Nick Foles didn’t throw a touchdown pass but he didn’t throw a pick either. He still hasn’t thrown an interception this year. Shady McCoy had two touchdowns and had 180 total yards. Next game: Bye Week

19. Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) (20) – Its pretty difficult to go out as a quarterback and throw for 400 yards and three touchdowns. What Andy Dalton did is damn near impossible. Andy Dalton is only the 8th quarterback in NFL history to throw three touchdowns with less than 100 yards. He averaged 3.4 yards per attempt. Thats so bad its actually hard to do. Mohammad Sanu, a wide receiver might have a better arm than Dalton because he had a 25 yard completion. So bad. If they win, it’ll be in spite of him.Next game: Bye Week

18. Miami Dolphins (5-5) (19) – Amid all the controversy about Bully-gate, the Dolphins came away with a win and put themselves in position to battle for the last playoff spot in the AFC. The game came down to the Fins being able to finish better than the Chargers could. If they do manage to make the playoffs, they’re a first round exit.  Next game: vs Carolina Panthers

17. Washington Redskins (3-7) (16) – The Skins at this point last year were on their way to a great winning streak and the division crown after starting 3-6. This year, after another 3-6 start, it doesn’t look like they’ll capture that same magic and run into the playoff. RG3 still doesn’t look like the same player and the defense looks lost. They couldn’t stop the Eagles and got all their points when the game was pretty much put away in the 4th quarter. Next game: vs San Francisco 49ers (MNF)

16. New York Jets (5-5) (15) – I don’t think that Geno Smith is good. I don’t think he’s capable of being an NFL starter right now. He’s way too inconsistent and needs to sit down. Rex Ryan is extremely loyal and faithful to his guys but he needs to go in another direction.  I said it when he was a Heisman candidate, I said it before the draft in April, I said it when he got drafted and was named a starter and I’m going to continue to say it until people see it my way. Don’t blame the Jets defense for this loss because the offense didn’t do them any favors.  Next game: @ Baltimore Ravens

15. New York Giants (4-6) (17) – Call them what you want, the Giants have won four games in a row and are still in playoff contention. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the Giants ran the table and rode this momentum into the playoffs and made a run. Thats what the Giants do. They have nine lives and they find ways to win when they’re backed into a corner. Sure, the Packers didn’t have Aaron Rodgers or even Seneca Wallace, but they beat a team they were supposed to beat. Next game: vs Dallas Cowboys

14. Baltimore Ravens (4-6) (13) – Where has this Ray Rice been all year? For the first time in who knows how long, the player formally known as Ray Rice ran for 131 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as the Ravens lost in OT to the Chicago Bears. Joe Flacco continued to drop the ball and throw interceptions. The Ravens are still in playoff contention and have a favorable matchup moving forward so who knows? Next game: vs New York Jets

13. Arizona Cardinals (6-4) (14) – No analysis necessary due to the Jaguars being this week’s opponent, but I should mention that Carson Palmer looked awesome. Did he play well because he faced the Jags or vice versa. Chicken or the egg, people. Either way, a win is a win and they’ve got six wins. Next game: vs Indianapolis Colts

12. Green Bay Packers (5-5) (11) – The Packers can still win their division, even with the Bears win this week. All they have to do is stay competitive until Aaron Rodgers returns from his shoulder injury. In an interview earlier in the week, Randall Cobb said, “12 is gonna be back sooner than you think” and I believe him. Rodgers has always been a tough player and with the division on the line, you know he’s working hard to come back and lead this team. Next game: vs Minnesota Vikings

11. Chicago Bears (6-4) (12) – You have to hand it to the Bears, they get the job done.  Josh McCown played another satisfactory game in relief of Jay Cutler, Matt Forte paced the offense and the defense did enough to put them in position to win in overtime. Robbie Gould is as much a reason for this win as anyone else. Kickers are people too, guys. Next game: @ St Louis Rams

10. Detroit Lions (6-4) (8) – The Lions may have lost but they’re still holding on to their division lead and they made history. Matthew Stafford passed the 16,000 yard mark and has thrown for more yards than any other quarterback in franchise history, passing Bobby Layne. Next game: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

9. Dallas Cowboys (5-5) (9) – Bye Week. Next game: vs New York Giants

8. New Orleans Saints (8-2) (10) – Ahmad Brooks did nothing wrong. I just want to establish my opinion on the matter right away. It was a clean hit up top, it just happened to be a really hard, violent hit. I’m not saying the Saint wouldn’t have won but the penalty to Brooks certainly helped the Saints get it. I will say this- watch the hit in slow motion. Its hilarious.  Next game: @ Atlanta Falcons (TNF)

7. New England Patriots (7-3) (5) – The Pats really needed this one. Their schedule doesn’t get any easier and if things don’t go their way, they could drop to 8-8 and drop a huge opportunity to get a first round bye and home field advantage. Brady needs to learn to trust his guys that aren’t named Rob Gronkowski. On the final play, Gronk was interfered with and thought he had a free play so he threw a pick when he saw the ref toss the flag. Meanwhile, Aaron Dobson was open in the left side of the end zone. Good job Tommy. Next game: vs Denver Broncos (SNF)

6. San Francisco 49ers (6-4) (4) – The Niners need to get their act together quick. Colin Kaepernick really looks like he misses Michael Crabtree. He hasn’t looked impressive at all. He only averaged 41 yards per attempt even though he did throw for two touchdowns. The defense did an alright job holding the Saints to field goals instead of touchdowns and if Ahmad Brooks isn’t called for a penalty, who knows how this game ends? Next game: @ Washington Redskins (MNF)

5. Indianapolis Colts (7-3) (7) – Andrew Luck is the dude. He needs a nickname. Lesser quarterbacks have gotten some. The kid plays like a veteran and (pardon the cliche) he’s got ice water flowing through his veins. Does it surprise you that he hasn’t lost two straight games since he was a freshman at Stanford? It shouldn’t. The guy is awesome. Next game: @ Arizona Cardinals

4. Carolina Panthers (7-3) (6) – My co-host Edmond Easton has taken umbrage with Cam Newton and I think Cam must listen to our show because all he’s done is lead his team to six straight wins and now they’re on the verge of challenging the Saints for the division lead. There aren’t too many teams more dangerous than the Panthers right now. Be afraid NFC. Next game: @ Miami Dolphins

3. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) (1) – For all the hype around this game, it really wasn’t that exciting. I think the Chiefs are good but not good enough to make a legitimate playoff run. The offense just isn’t there. A lot of people are saying Andy Reid needs to free Alex Smith and maybe they’re right, but for right now the Chiefs look like frauds. Even the defense didn’t look as good as they normally do. They didn’t bump anyone at the line, they let Wes Welker and Eric Decker shred them over the middle and they didn’t tackle particularly well. Peyton Manning was very comfortable in the pocket, which is odd because most people thought that the combination of this Chiefs defensive line and the Broncos offensive line would spell trouble for Denver but that wasn’t the case. The good news is they have a chance in two weeks to get some revenge against Denver at home. They better learn from this loss and invoke Arrowhead or else they’ll be sent spiraling toward a first round playoff loss. Next game: vs San Diego Chargers

2. Denver Broncos (9-1) (3) – There was speculation that Peyton Manning was going to miss this game. I never felt that way. With the division on the line, there was no way the Sheriff was missing this one. The Broncos never trailed in this game and they took care about business against the Chiefs. If they can beat them again on the road in two weeks, they’ll lock up a first round bye and home field throughout so you know this team is motivated. Next game: @ New England Patriots (SNF)

1. Seattle Seahawks (10-1) (2) – The Seahawks keep on rolling. They already looked dangerous coming into this game against the Vikes and now with Percy Harvin back and healthy, they’re even more dangerous. Anyone paying attention can see why they were willing to give up what they did to get Harvin. They’ve won their last 13 home games and are well on their way to locking up the top seed, a first round bye and home field advantage throughout. Next game: Bye Week

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