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Its come to my attention that some people have taken issue with my rankings and the way I rank certain teams. Week after week, at the bottom of the rankings, I post my twitter and my email. Don’t be afraid to email me or tweet me to tell me your issues. Maybe I made a mistake. At the very least, I can explain the method to my madness. There’s a reason I rank teams the way I do. Its more than just wins and losses. For example, I have the Giants and Jets close to each other because I think the Giants are better than their record and the Jets aren’t as good as theirs. They don’t really play like a 5-5 team because of their inconsistencies whereas the Giants, riding a four game winning streak, looks better than their 4-6 record. There are other examples, but there is a method to my madness. On to the rankings.


Here is a breakdown of the latest great pass and catch from the Giants in Super Bowl 46…

The Giants took possession from their own 12-yard line with 3:46 left in the game and only one timeout. On the first play, in what would end up being one of the key plays of the game, Manning completed a deep pass along the left sideline to receiver Mario Manningham for a 38-yard gain to midfield. Bill Belichick challenged the catch, but call on the field stood and it cost him his team’s first timeout. Two more completions from Manning to Manningham gained another 18 yards. Manning then completed a 14-yard pass to Nicks on the New England 18-yard line at the two minute warning. Two plays later, New England called their second timeout with 1:03 left after Bradshaw’s one-yard run gave New York a 2nd down and goal on the six-yard line.

New England faced the risk that New York would run out the clock before Tynes won the game with an almost-certain short field goal. New England thus allowed Bradshaw to run into the end zone on the next play unobstructed. Bradshaw attempted to pull up and stop on the 1 yard line, but his forward momentum caused him to fall across the goal line. New York then failed a two-point conversion attempt, leaving New England 57 seconds and a timeout.

Brady threw a Hail Mary pass intended for Hernandez in the end zone, but the ball was deflected away and hit the ground just out of the reach of tight end Rob Gronkowski, ending Super Bowl XLVI and giving New York their fourth Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Eli Manning, who completed 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards and a touchdown, was named Super Bowl MVP for the second time in his career and became the third quarterback in a row to win the award after Aaron Rodgers in Super Bowl XLV and Drew Brees in Super Bowl XLIV. The Giants set a new record for the worst regular season record (9–7, win percentage of 56.3%) by a Super Bowl champion.

Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17
1 2 3 4 Total
Giants (NFC) 9 0 6 6 21
Patriots (AFC) 0 10 7 0 17

at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Game time: 6:29 pm EST
  • Game weather: Played with roof closed, retractable roof stadium
  • Referee: John Parry
  • TV announcers (NBC): Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth
  • Recap
Scoring summary
Quarter Time Drive Team Scoring information Score
Plays Yards TOP NYG NE
1 8:52 NYG Safety (Tom Brady intentional grounding in end zone) 2 0
1 3:24 9 78 5:28 NYG Cruz 2-yard touchdown reception from Manning, Tynes kick good 9 0
2 13:48 10 60 4:36 NE 29-yard field goal by Gostkowski 9 3
2 0:08 14 96 3:55 NE Woodhead 4-yard touchdown reception from Brady, Gostkowski kick good 9 10
3 11:20 8 79 3:40 NE Hernandez 12-yard touchdown reception from Brady, Gostkowski kick good 9 17
3 6:43 10 45 4:37 NYG 38-yard field goal by Tynes 12 17
3 0:35 9 33 5:01 NYG 33-yard field goal by Tynes 15 17
4 0:57 9 88 2:49 NYG Bradshaw 6-yard touchdown run, 2-point run failed 21 17
“TOP” = time of possession. For other American football terms, see Glossary of American football. 21 17

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After all of that Tom Brady still was able to coin his own signature style just like Tim Tebow…