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Pacquiao’s Doomsday

Pacquiao (54 – 3 – 2) may have broken many hearts in his third bout against Mr. Marquez (53 – 6 – 1). Pacquiao had become a boxing hero bread by inheriting the de facto anti – Mayweather persona. Pacquiao is not as loud or boisterous as the money team general is but the Marquez bout makes even the most ardent of Pacquiao’ s fan base question if he is simply good enough to beat Floyd. For the first time many had to ponder about the logistics of a Manny VS Floyd scenario and the logistics are not at all kind to Pac Man.

Pacquiao VS Marquez 3

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First there is the boxing cliche, “styles make fights” and this cliche is near boxing theory, we all know Floyd will never openly exchange with Manny Pacquiao mostly because great defensive boxers rarely ever make dumb choices. Second we can not ignore something that is blatantly clear once the bell rings in any fight, size. Floyd is roughly two inches taller and has a five inch reach advantage. Third Mayweather lives to counter punch, Floyd is one of the greatest counter punches to ever inhabit the squared circle, when coupled with his reach and height this materializes into a doomsday scenario for Pacquiao’s outlook on beating an unbeaten superstar and future legend Mayweather. The corollary is however, doesn’t a great heroic story thrive off of a vulnerable antagonist? And sure the odds are against Manny, but who would like to watch an invincible antagonist, this reason is why Pacquiao VS Mayweather is still as riveting a story line as modern day boxing has ever seen.

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