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Fresh off the heels of two of the most entertaining playoff series in sports between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Blackhawks, a lot of people are questioning the parity of both leagues. The Heat have won back to back championships in their third consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

A little over the first week of NHL action is in the books. Here are this week’s top 10 power Rankings reflecting games ending on Sunday January, 27th.

OUT this week: LA Kings, NY Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Detroit Red Wings, and Philadelphia Flyers
IN this week: SJ Sharks, TB Lightning, OTT Senators, Winnipeg Jets, ANA Ducks

OH MY GOODNESS! Detroit lost a home game!

After 23 consecutive wins in hockeytown the Wings finally lost a home game; however, it was in a shoot out and against one of the best teams in the league, Vancouver. In other news, the trade deadline is 3pm on Monday, and there have been a few notable trades, those along with the Rick Nash saga will be covered a little later. First here are this week’s power rankings.

The first few times with this I used many different pieces of data for the rankings, and a lot had been based on the season long play of the team. That factor is still a major part of my rankings, but a team’s last 10 games should have the most weight in my opinion. I mean you can find the NHL standings on many websites, and I felt my rankings were almost a carbon copy of that. The teams may not change too much, but their positions will. There’s a new #1 this week so here we go….