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America’s favorite pastime is finally exciting again.

The pace of the game might still be slow at times, but the main reason for the renaissance of the great game of baseball has been the young stars across the league. As a 23 year old, that marvels these “kids”, it amazes me that I sometimes find myself so fascinated by players that are years younger than me. The talent, energy and love for the game that these youngsters bring to the table day in and day out is remarkable. Mike Trout, 2x time American League MVP and Kris Bryant, last years’ National League MVP both just turned 25 in 2017 and are already considered two of baseball’s best. Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ 2017 rookie phenomenon, might be one of baseball’s brightest new faces but he is already 25 too. Even though he is easily this year’s main focus, it just shows you that some players do not get a major chance in their career until they are a bit older. Keeping that in mind, think of how many great young players have already broke through the surface early on in their careers. Some of these players, such as Bryce Harper, are still under the age of 25 and are already on their way to the Hall of Fame. This article highlights the best players across the league, at every position, that are under the age of 25. Picking the best players 24 years old and younger was hard but as you can see above, after long deliberation, I created the All-Star All-Under 25 Team. There was a handful of stars that I could’ve chose from but it was only the best 25 players that made the cut.

Besides being under the age of 25 (24 years old or younger), here are the main factors that I took into consideration on who made the All-Under 25 squad.


  • Production: Players need to obviously perform to make the team. Most stats usually don’t lie and every player that made the cut has well-above average numbers to start their careers.
  • Experience: No prospects. Each player on my list has played in the qualified amount of games to be eligible as a rookie. Also, position matters as well. Each player on the team needs to have in-game experience playing at the position I assigned them too. Certain positions, see shortstop for example , have a plethora of talent and each one is worthy of being a starter but I could not move them to another position, unless they have played that position before.