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Cordell 17, is a standout student and prep player, and one of the most sought after recruits in the nation with top schools from Notre Dame to USC vying for him to play for them. Snoop is a constant presence in his football life. He’s a regular attendee at practice and is in constant contact with Cordell’s head coach. When Snoop is on the road and can’t attend a game, he has the game streamed to him, no matter where he is in the world. Over 10 years ago, Snoop started the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) because of his passion for coaching kids. The League has provided thousands of young boys and girls a positive environment to learn skills for life – championing kids to be better citizens on and off the field. Cordell began his football career under his father’s guidance as a player in the SFYL.Courtesy Of ESPN

Would you let your kids play football?
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Stan Talouis 
Over the last few years we’ve had celebrities and athletes come out and say that they wouldn’t let their kids play football. Lebron said, Linda Cohn said it, even some great former and current NFL players said they wouldn’t let their kids play football. While the NFL is trying to lead the way in making the game safer on all levels, it’s still a dangerous game so my question to you guys is, would you let your kids play football?Feel free to forward this to Claude, Shayna or anyone else that would have an opinion on this.

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Danny Clase 
Weird question for me. Im not a huge football fan so I have many biases im bringing to the table. Im a huge NBA fan and if studies came out saying it was bad for my child I do not think that would deter me from having my child play the sport. Football seems to be the sport that translate to character later in life when played as a youth. Still the fact is that the hits sustained in football can cause life changing injuries. We all saw Jason Streets fate in “Friday Night Lights…..didn’t WE!

Stan Talouis
I’m still on the fence about Jason Street. Something tells me he was just a weakling. To your point though, I’m a pretty big football fan and I wouldn’t stop my kids from playing it. Times have changed and the game is safer on all levels. We’re learning more and more about concussion and everyday. It used to be that if a guy got a concussion, coaches, the player himself, the medical staff and everyone involved would try to conceal it. Now with the concussion protocols, guys are being taken better care of. It’s even gotten to the point where in college football, if a players helmet comes off, he’s required to sit out the following play.

Danny Clase 
hey team this isnt gonna work if its just me and stan

Stan Talouis 

Danny Clase 
this is pointless there hasn’t been any feedback

Claude LaRoche
I wouldn’t let my kids play football unless they really wanted to play and even then I wouldn’t want them to play until they are older. The game is inherently dangerous and although it “instills” essential leadership values, I believe a child can get those traits  from other sports. If it were up to me I want a kid to be dumb but able to throw a 110 mph fast ball with control and movement.

Stan Talouis 
Personally I feel like football is one of the few sports that teaches teamwork and leadership. At no point in all my years of playing football was I the best player on the team but if I didn’t do my job, we could lose. No matter how good Peyton Manning is, he still has to trust and believe in 21 other guys. You can’t be a lone wolf the way you can in other sports and that’s a trait I value. There’s a feeling brotherhood and camaraderie that I never felt when I played other sports. The game is very violent but it’s taking steps to become safer. We don’t see as many injuries caused by contact and as we go on, things like that will only improve.


The Heisman Trophy typically doesn’t always translate into NFL success but its fun to pontificate on who the next young player to win the prestigious award will be. Last year’s winner, FSU’s Jameis Winston, will try to become the first player since Archie Griffin (1974-75) to win consecutive Heisman trophies. This year there are a lot of good players that could emerge and make a name for themselves, including guys that could become the first defensive player to win the award since Charles Woodson.

The biggest change since my last mock draft is obviously the Darelle Revis trade from the Jets to the Buccaneers. I don’t think the Jets got enough in the trade. They basically traded away the best cornerback in football for a 1st and 4th round pick. I know the Jets had no leverage but the fact of the matter is they aren’t as good of a team as they were before this trade. They have too many holes to fill and they have no margin for error going into a weak draft. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have solidified their secondary that was atrocious last season. This is likely my last mock draft before Thursday night’s draft.