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On the evening of November 4th 2008, this mans celebrity was matched with no other. People openly celebrated in the streets, with the realization that each and every person experiencing this event had now become a part of history. Yes, when things were going good for President Obama, they were very very good. Barrack Obama came into office as two things, the first ever African American President of the United States, and Possibly the most Popular President since the great John F. Kennedy. He was the golden boy. The man that came up from humble beginnings, to rise up and become the President of the United States, and the confidence of the entire country was behind him. Over a year since that fateful November 4th Obama faces a congress that is unconvinced with his Health care plan, an American public that is now unsure of his performance as president, and Politicians from all sides trying to capitalize off of what seams like a shift in opinion of the embattled President. They at one point loved and adored him, but as of today it seems that everyone hates Obama.