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Julian “Hammer Hands” Rodriguez talks partnership with Elite Lifestyle Cuisine

Sports Social with Ed Easton Jr featured a interview with Top Rank Boxer Julian “Hammer Hands” Rodriguez and Carlo Filippone founder of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine.

Julian “Hammer Hands” Rodriguez is a former amateur standout – a gold medalist at the 2013 National Golden Gloves Championships, and a silver medalist at the 2012 National PAL Championships and 2012 U.S. National Championships. Carlo Filippone is the President and Founder of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine and a National Champion Bodybuilder.

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Below is the transcribed version of my interview…


Carlo you’re everything. You’re a CEO, you’re a chef, and you’re a body building champion, where did this idea come from for this?

Carlo: Well the idea was actually formulated many, many years ago when I got into the body building, I was a restaurant chef by trade. My dad had a pizza shop, so I took his pizza shop idea and started cooking myself and while I was forming into body building I just get tired of reading the staple body building foods, plain tuna or plain rice, some potatoes so I started experimenting with what I already had in the kitchen which was flavorful and I started really creating different types of cuisines that would allow me to still reap the rewards within body building and also enjoy the food that I was eating.

So I started conceptualizing what Elite Lifestyle Cuisine eating today, way back in 1993. So it’s something that I’ve worked on for over a decade.

Julian as an ambassador, you’re always training. What drew you to a leap lifestyle cuisine?

Julian: Well, I mean up until maybe a few weeks ago I was pretty much doing my own thing and changed my diet. I’ve been fighting since I was seven years old so I would just eat what I normally ate and I would just try not train so hard but only up until recently I really understand how critical a strict diet is for cutting weight and just overall performance and that’s where I kind of linked up with Carlos and he has exactly what I need to get to the next level and to make my weight training in terms of cutting weight a lot easier and that’s… if anyone knows about sports and cutting weight is definitely the hardest part of the sport and still be able to maintain a very intense workout.

A lot of times… previously when I would train and cutting weight at the same time stamina was limited and had a lot of body aches. The food over at Elite Lifestyle Cuisine is top notch and amazing honestly doesn’t even feel like I’m dieting.


Carlo: Yeah, We met on a whim he was coming in for the same product. I didn’t even know he was coming in for the product and then when my friend said we have a pro boxer coming in here and I asked who’s that? and they told me it was Julian Rodriguez so I looked him up and I confirmed what I was thinking and he was a client, so then I said well, we need you to be a brand ambassador here.

Julian, I just have to ask since switching over to Elite Lifestyle Cuisine do you feel any different with your training or energy?

Julian: Oh absolutely and I’m not even saying that because I thank Carlo every other day  because I feel just like a whole new athlete man. I’m in a level nutrition, when I wake up I feel good and the supplements as well as the food, have the whole combination is just really seen how ripped I’m getting and I’m not even the cutting phase on my camp yet and it’s just remarkable just what I’ve seen so far.

What sets Elite Lifestyle Cuisine apart from other fitness meal products?

Carlo: I have duo knowledge, most other cuisine’s don’t. I have the experience that puts me through this, I have to reach the clients level and the chefs at the highest level. Most companies don’t offer that, they need to outsource or they have somebody who has less than adequate skills in preparing meals. When it comes to specific training, all of our meals are specifically calibrated for performance and that’s whether your competing in the Super Bowl, boxing ring or whether you’re at home, CEO at a office and function as a mom. If the bodies are the same, the minds are the same so we calibrated them to make sure that they contain that ground after nutrients and then low amounts of high quality fat coming from good sources so we only use quality products, we balance the meals as well as we possibly can, so we’ve been able to formulate a meal so that they help most people/ When it pertains to half weight, they have a greater advantage and now you couple the training with proper nutrition with adequate rest and maybe you will have a well oiled machine.

Julian, when is your next fight?

Julian: It’s set for September 8th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Where can everyone get access to Elite Lifestyle Cuisine?

Carlo: Thanks, you can search simple and you can order it online, it’s Elitelifestylecuisine.com or they can visit, we have a retail store in New Jersey. We deliver nationwide and we can do that from Elitelifestylecuisine.com.


Ed is a graduate of SUNY College At Old Westbury. He is currently the New York Knicks Beat Writer for Hoops Habit. Ed also works for MLB Advanced Media and CBS Radio's "1010 WINS" in New York City. He is the founder of Keeping It Real Sports LLC

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