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Comparing MLB Superstars to Game of Thrones Characters

This summer at least 19 Major League Baseball teams will participate in a cross-promotional collaboration with HBO to draw attention to its hit series, Game of Thrones, including co-branded merchandise, ticket packages, giveaways and different theme nights. Like many fans that watch baseball, many of the game’s brightest stars enjoy the HBO show as well. Recently, New York Mets star pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, even worked as an extra in an episode of the upcoming season, because “he loved the show so much”. With the MLB taking their annual all-star break and with the seventh season of G.o.T officially beginning this weekend, (Sunday, July 16th  at 9PM), I thought it would be a perfect time to compare the magical characters of Westeros to the real-life heroes and supervillains in the extraordinary world of Major League Baseball. I tried my best to stay away from major spoilers, but if you’re not caught up by now. 1) Stay away from this article. I don’t want to ruin any of the greatness for you. 2) What are you doing with your life? CATCH UP RIGHT NOW BEFORE SEASON SEVEN STARTS THIS SUNDAY!


Littlefinger – Mookie Betts

  • Like Littlefinger, everybody trusts Mookie because he seems powerless, friendly and helpful (especially in the outfield). But those closest to them, know how dangerous both can truly be.

Varys – Brian McCann

  • Both are bald, patient and do an excellent job of gathering information from others.

Ygritte – Clint Frazier

  • A young red head, who is quick-witted and courageous. Frazier displays great bat speed, very similar to Ygritte’s great skill and speed as an archer.

Melisandre – Bartolo Colon

  • When you look at Colon on the mound, you think the guy is still a young stud. But then when you think about it more, you remember that he’s actually 200-300 years old.

The High Sparrow – Tim Tebow

  • Tebow is hardcore evangelical Christian and was raised by two Baptist missionaries so there’s the obvious religious factor involved but both parties also draw a strong opinion (good or bad) from those who surround them.
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