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Five Thoughts: College Football 2016 – Week 3

Five Thoughts From Week 3 of NCAAFB

1. Louisville is no fluke.
Some people might be surprised by what they saw against Florida State. I’m a little shocked at the score myself. But no one in Kentucky is shocked. This was just a matter of time to them. Lamar Jackson showed flashes of this stuff last season and now that he has a full grasp of the playbook, he’s been unleashed. The Louisville defense is pretty impressive too.

2. Don’t call out Ohio State.
Of all people to call OSU’s defense basic, it shouldn’t have been Oklahoma’s backup true freshman quarterback. I understand the bravado and confidence but it wasn’t very smart. I’m sure it didn’t have any real impact on the game but I’m sure some of the Buckeye defenders were motivated to dominate this game and thats exactly what they did.

3. I wouldn’t let Gus Malzahn coach my flag football team.
Is he really still riding the “I coached Cam Newton” train?

4. Notre Dame needs to join a conference.
Losses like this to Michigan State wouldn’t hurt as bad if they had more quality teams and eventually had a conference championship to play in. As it stands, they have two more ranked teams to play this season. At 1-2, they’re definitely out of the CFP discussion but had they won against MSU, they could make the case for being a one loss team getting in, provided they were in a tougher conference. For what its worth, theres no guarantee they’ll beat Stanford or Miami in back to back weeks in October.

5. Referees are awful.
It seems like every week, theres a bad call or a missed call or something controversial with these officials. Last week it was in the Central Michigan game. This week, Cal beats Texas on a missed call. These guys need to be held accountable. They probably cost Texas a title shot.

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