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Five Thoughts: College Football 2016 – Week 2

Five Thoughts on Week 2 of 2016…

1. Nick Saban needs to relax.
I get it. You want to eliminate mistakes. But screaming and yelling at Lane Kiffin on the sideline is probably a little much, especially since Alabama was up by like 90…or at least it felt that way.

2. Watching James Connor makes me happy.
I’m glad to see Connor back on the field and playing well after his bout with cancer. He’s a real inspiration and I wish him well. I might even cheer for him later this season when his Pitt team takes on my Miami Hurricanes.

3. Lamar Jackson isn’t real.
I’m convinced that the man is some kind of machine sent from the future to make plays on the football field. That seems like a complete waste of future technology but who cares? He makes Louisville games must see tv.

4. Refs have to get better.
They completely blew the Oklahoma State call at the end of the game and they admitted it. How long before just admitting it isn’t enough? Its like like there aren’t any stakes, as if this were some flag football game in Long Island that went to overtime and cost them the game…yes, that happened to me and yes I’m bitter about it.

5. Should ugly wins be lauded?
DeShaun Watson and Clemson didn’t look great but they pulled out the win against Troy. TROY. Can we really call them the second best team in the country? If they finish undefeated but look sloppy all year, how can we really watch this team compete for a national title? I think this was just a bad game in general but it does make me wonder.
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