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Health: Watch The Big Fight While Eating Healthy

Whether you’re rooting for Mayweather or Pacquiao you want to keep the pizza and wings aside so you can be summer ready. If you want to enjoy snacks while you’re watching the fight but you want to avoid the greasy loaded in calories options.

All it takes is a few modifications or changes so you can have a guilt free night, here are some examples of healthy snacks for the fight we have been waiting for:

-Chips & Guac: who doesn’t like guacamole!? Avocado provides healthy fats and fiber. So you will be replacing the unhealthy fats from wings with good fats. You can have it with whole wheat chips instead of the regular, pretzels or pita bread.

– baked wings or homemade chicken fingers: sometimes you want to keep the tradition and still have the wings but how about switching it up. Instead of ordering wings that are deep fried in oil and saturated in sauces, opt for baking your own wings. You’ll be eating protein and you’ll avoid a lot of unhealthy fats and calories. You can also make your own hot sauce and accompany it with carrots or celery.

-Mini sandwiches: we all love sandwiches and weather they are cold or warm you can make healthy sandwiches bite and munch on that. Use whole wheat bread, turkey, low fat cheeses, tomatoes and anything that you want to add but if you use cheese skip the mayo and any sauce high on fat. Cut the sandwiches in pieces and eat them as you watch the game. The whole wheat bread will help you get full faster by providing you fiber and complex carbohydrates.

-fruits & veggies: Although I don’t recommended indulging in fruits late at night do to the amount of sugar, it is still better than eating candy, chocolate or any other sweets that don’t add any nutrients to your body. Fruits are loaded in vitamins and minerals and even fiber. You can have a fruit platter and add veggies such as broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes, etc. You can also play around and add different cheeses or nuts.

You can enjoy your night watching the fight and also keep your diet clean. Avoid any fast foods that will add to your waistline and opt for healthy options.

I'm Natalie Friedman, senior in Brooklyn College majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Fitness is my passion and I aspire to inspire others to a healthy lifestyle. I am currently interning with KIRS, where I write articles about exercises, nutrition and anything fitness related. NAASM aspiring personal trainer.

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