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Fitness: Stretches

Daily life activities and working out put a lot of stress on our bodies, therefore we should be stretching at least 5 times a week. You can take 5 minutes of your day and do some stretches to relieve soreness, tightness and improve flexibility.

It is also recommended stretching before and after workouts to make sure our muscles are ready to perform and have faster recoveries.

Here are some examples of stretches you can do:

  • Leg Cradle: Stand with your feet hip width apart and your arms by your side. Step forward with your left leg and lift your right leg, bending your knee and raising your right foot toward your left hip. Hold the top of your right foot with your left hand and your right knee with your right hand. If you can, pull your entire right leg up toward your chest. Release the leg and repeat with the other leg. Do it for 10 sec in each leg, 3 times.


  • Lunge: Step forward. Lower your body by dropping your back knee toward the ground. Don’t let your knee pass your toes and keep your chest up and shoulders back. Stand up and repeat  4 or 5x per leg.



  • For a nice stretch on your hips and legs: Lie flat on your back, bring your left leg towards your right hip, keeping your arms extended and keep your whole upper body on the floor. Do it for 10 seconds each side, and bring your knee higher in line with your hip if you can.



  • hands to the floor: If your back hurts this position will give your back a nice stretch. Begin by standing in a neutral position with your feet a little less than shoulder width apart, then using only your upper body, slowly go down to your toes. Grab your ankles or go as down as you can and stay there for 10 seconds. Come back up slowly, and repeat 2x.



Remember there are so many other stretches, and also do not get discouraged if you can’t reach certain parts of your body, yet! go at your own pace and try to improve everyday.


I'm Natalie Friedman, senior in Brooklyn College majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Fitness is my passion and I aspire to inspire others to a healthy lifestyle. I am currently interning with KIRS, where I write articles about exercises, nutrition and anything fitness related. NAASM aspiring personal trainer.

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