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The New NBA 2K15 Trailer

2K is back in full form as the new trailer for NBA 2K15 releases showing new players on new teams (Most noticeably, LeBron James). Too bad Andrew Wiggins can’t even enjoy being on the same team with LeBron in a video game. The inclusion of Shaq and Ernie should present more realism to the game. The game play looks fantastic but I have few concerns.

  • Why was Damien Lillard wearing a headband?
  • Lance Stephenson is not doing a windmill in a half court setting
  • Why did 2K make Napier get dunked on by LeBron?

Besides those minor gripes, NBA 2K15 is sure to be an enjoyment to everyone who loves sports gaming.


Lincoln is a co host for Keeping It Real Sports, a comic book/Nerd culture enthusiast who loves to integrate that culture with sports. When it comes to the NBA, Lincoln is your guy. Coming from a Caribbean background, he tends to watch Tennis & Soccer more than the average American sport. Lincoln is currently a coordinator for Complex Magazine and media coordinator for clothing brand Fdynamo1986.

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