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Nets Blog #1: New Season, New Nets

The highly anticipated season of the Brooklyn Nets kicked off Wednesday October 30th.

Though many questioned the health and physical capabilities of the veterans acquired over the summer, fans are optimistic about the upcoming season. The Nets went 0-1 in the season opener against Uncle Drew and the Cavs. Cleveland, who ranked in the bottom half in defense, was in complete control the entire game. They outscored the Nets 30-22 in the third quarter and added 19 more points in the 4th to defeat the Brooklyn Nets 98-94.

It was a different story against the defending champion Miami Heat. The Nets home opener against the Heat on November 1st delivered the satisfaction Nets fans looked forward to all summer.  Although they’d never admit to it, the  Heat/former Celtics rivalry still lives on. Anyone can tell from the amount of words shared between Lebron James and Paul Pierce. And if that’s not enough – look back at the pushing and shoving that went on between them. In a game I’d call the “Tale of Odds and Even Quarters,” Nets outscored the Heat in the first and third quarter and held on to a double digit lead. But while the Heat fans made their way out of the arena and bars everywhere, Miami cut the Nets lead to 1, with clutch three pointers from Wade, Chalmers and James (respectively). Don’t blame the King for the Heat loss, blame the best free throw shooter in the league for going 1 for 2 at the line during the last seconds of the game. Before the game, Deron Williams made a statement “we’re better than the Heat.” And better they were. Nets fan out the Heat 101-100.

Even though the Heat outscored the Nets in the fourth, I am impressed with the Nets defensively and offensively for hanging on. In past seasons, the Nets would’ve lost the lead and not come back at all, but this is a new era and the Nets will do nothing less than #AimForAmazing as Nets owner stated during an exclusive interview. Championship or Bust.
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