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Top 100 NBA Players Of 2013-2014 (100-77)

Since it appears everyone has an opinion on who is the best player in the NBA or where a certain player should be ranked it’s only fair that the brain trusts here at KIRS came up with a list to end all debates. This week we present to you the Top NBA Players of 2013 – 2014….
Please note that the following list is the opinion of the KIRS staff alone….
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  • 100. Wilson Chandler  F, Denver Nuggets 
  • 99. Jarrett Jack G, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 98. Jeremy Lin G, Houston Rockets
  • 97. Eric Bledsoe G, Phoenix Suns 
  • 96. JJ Redick G, Los Angeles Clippers 
  • 95. Eric Bledsoe G, Phoenix Suns
  • 94. Ray Allen  G, Miami Heat 
  • 93. Gordon Hayward G, Utah Jazz
  • 92. Danny Green G, San Antonio Spurs
  • 91. Luis Scola F, Indiana Pacers 
  • 90. Vince Carter F, Dallas Mavericks 
  • 89. Nate Robinson G, Denver Nuggets 
  • 88. Jimmy Butler G, Chicago Bulls 
  • 87. Derrick Favors F, Utah Jazz
  • 86. Jeff Teague G, Atlanta Hawks
  • 85. Amir Johnson F, Toronto Raptors
  • 84. Amar’e Stoudemire F, New York Knicks
  • 83. George Hill G, Indiana Pacers
  • 82. Kevin Martin G, Minnesota Timberwolves 
  • 81. Lou Williams G, Atlanta Hawks
  • 80. Danny Granger F, Indiana Pacers
  • 79. Ryan Anderson C, New Orleans Pelicans 
  • 78. Omer Asik C, Houston Rockets 
  • 77. Iman Shumpert G, New York Knicks

Lincoln is a co host for Keeping It Real Sports, a comic book/Nerd culture enthusiast who loves to integrate that culture with sports. When it comes to the NBA, Lincoln is your guy. Coming from a Caribbean background, he tends to watch Tennis & Soccer more than the average American sport. Lincoln is currently a coordinator for Complex Magazine and media coordinator for clothing brand Fdynamo1986.

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