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NFL 2013 Power Rankings – Week 3

If you’re anything like me, you’re disappointed. You’re kicking yourself because this was a surprising week in football, and not in a good way. Maybe you picked the Minnesota Vikings to win over the Cleveland Browns because well…the Browns are terrible and traded away their best player in the middle of the week. But of course, the Browns pulled off the upset. I’ll bet money this is the one week, some lifelong Browns fan, after 40 years of devotion bet against his beloved Browns to make a little extra cash. He’s already depressed about living in Cleveland, he had already caught some highlight of Lebron in 2007 that brought back some painful memories and now his Browns were seemingly tanking for Teddy Bridgewater. So now, looking for some solace, he finally bets against the Browns and they go out and win, thus losing this man’s money and giving him a very bittersweet moment. That guy is going to hang himself in his Bernie Kosar throwback jersey. And on to the rankings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) (32) – I don’t think the Jaguars will ever rise above this rank. Man they’re a bad team. Would it shock you if I told you that I wrote this before the game was actually played? This is going to be really awkward if they pull off the upset against Seattle. This is the only game other than Denver and Oakland where I would write this up before they actually play. I’m that confident that the Seahawks will beat the Jaguars. Next game: vs. Indianapolis Colts

31. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3) (29) – The Steelers have had an unlucky streak this season, especially with the injuries. They didn’t play that bad but very few teams, especially one battling injuries, can overcome five turnovers. Its unfortunate to see such a storied franchise have hard times but we all know they won’t last. Next game: @ Minnesota Vikings

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) (28) – I don’t think anyone expected the Bucs to beat the Patriots but its surprising to see a pretty good offense held to only three points. Granted, the Patriots defense has emerged as the strongest part of the team. The Bucs secondary didn’t look very good and Josh Freeman is playing his way out of the NFL. Sure, he’ll probably catch on somewhere as a backup at some point but Greg Schiano has to make a move. #FreeMikeGlennon Lets get this hashtag trending! Next game: vs Arizona Cardinals

29. Washington Redskins (0-3) (26) – The Redskins defense continues to disappoint even though they looked like they were off to a good start. But the defense caved and gave up huge games to Matthew Stafford, Megatron and Nate Burleson. Give credit to the Lions, who broke a 21 game losing streak to the Redskins on the road. If they lose next week, you have to think Mike Shanahan is on the hottest seat in the league next to Schiano, Leslie Frazier and Coughlin. Next game: @ Oakland Raiders

28. Minnesota Vikings (0-3) (27) – The Vikings didn’t do what they’re normally capable on the ground and its looking like Adrian Peterson is going to fall well short of his goal of 2500 yards. He’ll have to have an epic 13 games to finish off the season if he wants to hit that mark. Christian Ponder should never be allowed to drop back and throw 42 times. Now, 42 carries for AP? Much better decision. And what happened to the defense? They let Brian Hoyer torch them for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. The Vikings offense doesn’t look bad but it definitely doesn’t look consistent. Next week should be an epic battle between two teams who both need a win in the worst way. I don’t know how London keeps getting these really terrible games. I feel bad for them. You get one NFL game a year and its this one? Next game: vs Pittsburgh Steelers (at Wemblay Stadium in London)

27. Cleveland Browns (1-2) (31) – The Browns traded away their best player this week and managed to go out on the road and beat a decent Vikings team. They were underestimated and took advantage of a team that looked past them. It probably won’t happen much more this season for the Browns but the “us against the world” mentality is a huge motivating factor. It’d be nice if they would name Brian Hoyer the starter and stop messing around. Next game: vs Cincinnati Bengals

26. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) (25) – The Cardinals showed a lot of fight and promise in the first two weeks of the season but whatever they had was gone against the Saints. Experts expected a bit of a shootout but Carson Palmer was very pedestrian and turned the ball over twice. Rashard Mendenhall was held to only 29 yards on 9 carries and even Larry Fitzgerald had a subpar game. The division isn’t in their grasp by any stretch of the imagination but the Cards are gonna have to pick it up to show the league that they’re on the rise. Next game: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. Oakland Raiders (1-2) (24) – The Raiders weren’t expected to beat the Broncos but they didn’t really look bad. Terrelle Pryor made some nice plays and whenever the Raiders can escape a game with Darren McFadden in one piece, you have to be happy. Give Dennis Allen credit, it looks like he stole Houston Nutt’s playbook from Arkansas because he’s running well and even had a passing touchdown. Maybe the Raiders can trade for Felix Jones and sign Matt Jones too…bring the band back together. Next game: vs Washington Redskins

24. Carolina Panthers (1-2) (30) – The Panthers looked flawless against my New York Giants. They got after Eli Manning, the ran the ball well and they passed the ball well. Cam Newton looked unstoppable against a defense that didn’t look like it could stop a nosebleed. Ron Rivera better pay for every single one of Cam Newton’s meals until their next game because Cam saved him from getting fired. Next game: Bye week

23. Buffalo Bills (1-2) (23) – The Bills defense took a big hit when Leodis McKelvin got hurt because the secondary shut down and let Geno Smith do whatever he wanted. Then being down late, the Bill were forced to get away from what they’re good at- running the ball. CJ Spiller leaving the game didn’t help either. EJ Manuel was forced to try to do too much as a rookie and he made some mistakes. Its also worth noting that this was an extremely sloppy game in terms of penalties. Next game: vs Baltimore Ravens

22. New York Giants (0-3) (20) – The Giants don’t look good. At all. You can argue that they should have and could have beaten the Cowboys, even with the turnovers and thats fair. You can argue that they just happened to run into a buzz saw in the Denver Broncos and you’d be right. But in all honesty, the Giants just aren’t a good football team right now. The running game was ineffective, Eli Manning looked really bad and the offensive line looked even worse. The defense early on looked like it was going to bail out the offense but they looked like a sieve and they made Brandon Lafell look like an All-Pro receiver. I don’t know how far they’ll fall but I don’t think they’re done falling. I like Tom Coughlin a lot but he might be on his way out. Personally, I’d get rid of Kevin Gilbride before anyone else. He looked lost on the sideline. Next game: @ Kansas City Chiefs

21. San Diego Chargers (1-2) (21) – The Chargers were never going to win this game. Even though they were up by with a minute left in the game, the Chargers offense couldn’t move the ball. The offense that produced three touchdown catches last week from Eddie Royal only managed two field goals, 7 yard touchdown pass to Antonio Gates and a goal line touchdown by Ronnie Brown. Next game: vs Dallas Cowboys

20. Tennessee Titans (2-1) (22) – I think I said all that needs to be said about this game. The Titans just looked sharper throughout the game. They had some trouble with penalties and getting into the end zone but they had no trouble moving the ball. No one really has against the Chargers defense though. Maybe Jake Locker isn’t that bad. Nah, he sucks. He played his best game as a pro but thats not saying a lot. Next game: vs New York Jets

19. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) (17) – The Eagles need to make a quarterback change. Its odd because the Eagles offensive scheme is tailor made for Michael Vick but he’s too inconsistent. He’s making the same mistakes he was making early in his career. He’s overthrowing guys, throwing into double coverage. The only part of the offense that he runs flawlessly is the read option and that has a lot to do with LeSean McCoy playing like the best running back in the league. Next game: @ Denver Broncos

18. St Louis Rams (1-2) (16) – The Rams defense had no answer for the Cowboys offense. Whether it was Tony Romo’s three touchdowns or Demarco Murray’s 175 yards on the ground, the Rams couldn’t stop the Cowboys. The offense couldn’t do much either as Sam Bradford struggled to stay upright and was sacked 6 times. Next game: vs San Francisco 49ers (TNF)

17. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) (15) – Sometimes you can play as well as you can play but you still get beat. The Falcons played very well for most of the game. A late interception and a missed field goal by Matt Bryant sealed the Dolphins win. Maybe if this game is played 10 times, the Falcons win 9 times but this was probably that one time that it went the other way. Next game: vs New England Patriots

16. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) (18) – The Bengals have looked really good over the past two weeks and this win was about as good a win as a team could get. Both teams played relatively sloppy but in the end, the Bengals showed a lot of heart by battling back after being down two scores to a Super Bowl contender. Next game: @ Cleveland Browns

15. Indianapolis Colts (2-1) (15) – The Colts really got two huge wins this week. Earlier on, they traded a first round pick for Trent Richardson, which was really a steal for the Colts. For all we know, they were going to take a running back with their first pick anyway. They just happened to do it now instead of waiting until April. And they got a guy that already knows his way around the league. Next game: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

14. New York Jets (2-1) (19) – I have to give credit where its due. Geno Smith looked better than he did a week ago against the Patriots. He didn’t look a lot better because he still turned the ball over twice but he also lead the offense on some strong drives, he passed for over 330 yards and he was very mobile. On the other side, the Jets defense looked pretty good, sacking EJ Manuel 8 times. Next game: @ Tennessee Titans

13. Green Bay Packers (1-2) (9) – The Packers have to be looking forward to their bye week with all the injuries they have. Despite the injuries, they played well but it wasn’t enough as the Bengals shocked them. Next game: Bye Week

12. San Francisco 49ers (1-2) (7) – The Niners seem to have deviated from the game plan thats made them successful over the past few seasons. Colin Kaepernick has been turned into a pocket passer which takes away one of his biggest strengths. The defense has also looked  lackluster and did a bad job of stopping the run, giving up 130 yards to Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. Would it surprise you if the Niners went 6-9 and missed the playoffs? It certainly wouldn’t shock me. They have no reliable threats at wide receiver and now Vernon Davis is hurt. Next game: @ St Louis Rams (TNF)

11. Detroit Lions (2-1) (13) – Matthew Stafford sliced through the Redskins defense like an expert chef. To be fair, it was the Redskins defense. Enough said. Next game: vs Chicago Bears

10. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) (12) – Like I mentioned earlier, the Cowboys ran and passed all over the Rams. I predicted the Cowboys would win the division and its looking like my prediction (through three games at least) is going to be correct. Next game: @ San Diego Chargers

9. Miami Dolphins (3-0) (11) – Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins are undefeated. Maybe they’ve finally turned the corner and are on their way to being a perennial playoff team again. For the second straight week, they beat a quality playoff team. The Dolphins look legit but they have a huge test coming up on the road next week on a nationally televised game. Next game: @ New Orleans Saints (MNF)

8. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) (10) – I’m going to keep repeating it until people recognize it. The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated. And its mostly due to the defense. They got after the Eagles and forced turnovers and put pressure on Michael Vick. It’ll be a great battle as the season progresses between this Chiefs team and the Denver Broncos. Next game:  vs New York Giants

7. Chicago Bears (3-0) (8) – The Bears took advantage of an injured Steelers team and forced five turnovers, including two for touchdowns. Jay Cutler played error free and Matt Forte ran the ball well, but the story of the game like I said was the Bears defense. Next game: @ Detroit Lions

6. Houston Texans (2-1) (3) – The Houston Texans really haven’t played like a top ten team. They could very easily be 0-3 if not for some very big plays. Matt Shaub hasn’t looked all that impressive and we’re all still waiting for Arian Foster to have an Arian Foster-type game. The defense has been fun to watch and it’ll be fun to see how Ed Reed plays once he’s 100%. Next game: vs Seattle Seahawks

5. Baltimore Ravens (2-1) (6) – By all accounts, the Ravens should have lost this game. They didn’t have Ray Rice or Jacoby Jones, and the entire team looked like it missed a lot of the guys they lost in the offseason. But to their credit, they went out and punched the Texans in the mouth in a game that is totally typical of the Baltimore Ravens. Next game: @ Buffalo Bills

4. New England Patriots (3-0) (5) – The New England Patriots might have played their most impressive game all season in the sense that the offense looked (relatively) sharp and the young guys are starting to come on. Tom Brady still had some bad throws out there (I counted at least five) and the defense really set the tone for the game. Its going to be interesting to see if they can shut down a solid offensive team next week. Next game: @ Atlanta Falcons

3. New Orleans Saints (3-0) (4) – The Saints did what the Saints do. Drew Brees threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns, Jimmy Graham showed why he’s the best tight end in football and even the defense played some very inspired football against a team that has some talent on the offense. Drew Brees should be a little relieved to know that Cameron Wake won’t be available to chase him around next week. It should be a greatMonday Night Football matchup. Next game: vs Miami Dolphins (MNF)

2. Seattle Seahawks (3-0) (2) – The Seahawks were favored by 20 points against the Jags. It was their biggest point spread in team history. They covered. Now, is this because the Jaguars are so bad or is it because the Seahawks are so good? I would say that its a combination of the two. The Jaguars don’t have an answer at quarterback, their offensive line is terrible, Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t play and their defense is atrocious. No wonder Aaron Ross was itching to come back to the Giants. They should take a page from the Browns playbook and start trading off anyone of value to get some draft picks in there. But I digress. The Seahawks are looking like a team ready to make a Super Bowl run and wins don’t come as easy as they did against the Jaguars. Next game: @ Houston Texans

1. Denver Broncos (3-0) (1)  – The Denver Broncos seem intent on making history this year. Peyton Manning already tied the record for most touchdown passes in a game. Now he’s broken the record for most touchdown passes in the first three games of the season and the Broncos offense has broken the record for most points scored in the first three games of the season. Plus, they’ve won 14 straight regular season games. Peyton Manning could win his 5th MVP award as he’s on pace for over 6,000 yards and 64 touchdowns. He probably won’t get there but I think he 16 year veteran will definitely be making headlines. Could we see a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl? Time will tell.

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