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KIRS Preseason Podcast #2


The second preseason podcast for the Keeping It Real Sports Show featuring Ed Easton Jr, Danny Clase , Ashley Nicole & Stan Talouis. Listen as the crew briefly discuss a variety of issues in sports today.

KEEPING IT REAL SPORTS                                                                          SCRIPT

• 6:00PM
Quick Hits  
1. NFL Combine is over. impressions?
2.  San Francisco trades Alex Smith to Chiefs
3.  LeBron rethinking pregame dunking routine
4.  9 days away from NFL free agency
BREAK #1  6:10PM 
      B.   6:12PM
             1. News/Notes from NFL Combine
 2. Manti Te’o runs a 4.82
 3. Teams asked prospects about their sexual orientation
BREAK#2   6:24PM      
       C.     6:26PM
         Interview (moved to 2nd hour)
BREAK#3  6:34PM
    D.        6:36PM
 1. Is the Alex Smith trade better for the 49ers or the Chiefs?
 2. Who are the top free agents available?
BREAK#4   6:46PM
     E.         6:48PM
 1. Lebron may end his pre game dunking
 2. Down 20, Memphis comeback vs. Mavs. Are they for real?
 3. Did Dwight Howard kill Jerry Buss?
BREAK#5   6:58PM
     F.           7:00PM
Yankees Preview
      BREAK#6   7:10PM
    G.             7:12PM
Mets Preview
                         BREAK#7  7:24PM
      H.             7:26PM
1. Is Mayweather/Showtime deal worth it?
2. Mayweather/Guerrero- who the hell cares?
3. Will Canelo Alvarez/Austin Trout undercard be the best fight of the night?
              BREAK#8   7:34PM
•      7:36PM
(Open for discussion)
      BREAK#9   7:46PM
    J.                      7:48PM
• IRON MAN – Steph Curry for great games against Indy and NY
• CHARLIE BROWN – The teams that asked players about sexual orientation at the combine.
                  BREAK#10   7:58PM



Ed is a graduate of SUNY College At Old Westbury. He is currently the New York Knicks Beat Writer for Hoops Habit. Ed also works for MLB Advanced Media and CBS Radio's "1010 WINS" in New York City. He is the founder of Keeping It Real Sports LLC

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