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Same Ol’ Jets Strike Again

Week 16…Christmas Eve…coming off of a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets went into a do or die game against the New York Giants that meant a lot more than bragging rights to the city. Their loss not only propelled the Giants to the playoffs and ultimately a Super Bowl championship, but it caused a chain reaction of bad decisions that the Jets can’t seem to remedy.

Now, almost four months later, the Jets still haven’t learned from their mistakes. Trading for Tim Tebow solves no problems. They gave their seemingly emotionally fragile quarterback a $40.5 million contract extension, the running game is in shambles and they have holes along both the offensive and defensive lines. At the end of the season, head coach Rex Ryan gave the impression that he’d be a little less brash and a little more humble. He made people think that he’d do things a little differently but this trade proves that he was blowing smoke up everyone’s asses. The Jets locker room is already divided. There are very few leaders, they have temperamental wide receivers and let’s face it- they aren’t as talented as they were two years ago after beating the Patriots in the playoffs.

So now Rex Ryan truly believes that he can handle the divided locker room and handle the circus that Tim Tebow brings along? How’s Rex going to handle the media when Sanchez has his first bad game and the fans are calling for Tebow? When they hired Tony Sparano, the team promised to return to the ground and pound style that made them so successful a few years ago. While Tim Tebow is very mobile and will almost certainly be featured in Wildcat packages, don’t you think that teams will be expecting it? Once teams start to scout Tebow, its only a matter of time before they’ll begin to gameplan against him.

Mark Sanchez does need a quarterback to push him. Mark Brunell wasn’t cutting it and Greg McElroy isn’t ready to do so. That being said, Tim Tebow isn’t the answer. Tebow deserves to start and Miami would’ve been the perfect place for him. They need a starting quarterback and he’s already loved from his days as a Florida Gator.

Tebow discussion on ESPN First Take

The Jets have become a team of mercenaries and guys love playing for Rex Ryan. The difference is that players were once attracted to playing for him because he was a player’s coach and the result was victories. Now, that might not be the case. By bringing in Tim Tebow, they’ve shown that they would rather do nothing to help the team improve and instead, further divide the locker room. I never thought I’d agree with Antonio Cromartie but at the end of the day, he’s behind his quarterback and like most people, he doesn’t see how this trade works. This trade was a waste of two picks that could’ve been used to get a right tackle.

Same ol’ Jets indeed.

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