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Top NFL Combine Surprises and Disappointments

A lot of people will argue that the NFL Combine isn’t the best way to determine talent. And that may be true due to the way prospects can be overvalued. The Combine serves as a tool to match what scouts already know with the things they want to know. Is a guy coachable? What don’t we know about his background? What can he tell us about himself that we didn’t already know? Here are a few of the top surprises and disappointments from the NFL Combine.


1. I didn’t realize how fast Andrew Luck was. Running a 4.66 then followed it up with a 4.59 is impressive. His broad jump was even more impressive and I think he solidified his first overall pick status. He’s not just a quarterback. He’s an athlete.

2. I don’t know if this is really a surprise because I knew how fast RG3 was but still…running a 4.38 is unbelievable. He’ll be the 2nd overall pick without a doubt.

3. Quinton Coples was a big surprise because of his 25 reps on the bench press. Not only is he quick and athletic, he’s got strength to go along with it.

4. Luke Kuechly impressed scouts with his own antics on the bench press with 27 reps.

5. The big boy from Memphis, Dontari Poe vaulted into the top ten with his 40 yard dash. Its unbelievable to see a guy at 346 pounds run under 5 seconds.

6. Michael Floyd wasn’t expected to run a great 40 yard dash but he exceeded expectations by running a 4.47. His hands were as good as advertised in the gauntlet drill.

7. Bruce Irvin made himself some money at the Combine by running a 4.50. He played defensive end in college but he’ll likely be moved to outside linebacker.

8. Brock Osweiler wasn’t on many draft boards but showing up to the Combine was a smart move even though he didn’t participate in the drills due to injury. He’s smart, he’s coachable and scouts loved his interviews.

9. Kirk Cousins is also another guy who had a good showing at the Combine and may have taken himself from a 3rd or 4th round pick to a solid late 2nd rounder.

10. Josh Robinson ran one of the fastest 40 yard dashes and put himself on a lot of teams’ boards.


1. I’d hate to call Courtney Upshaw a disappointment (mostly because I’m afraid of him) but he didn’t run well and didn’t show the quickness to play outside linebacker. However, if you watch him play, he’s about as quick and agile as anyone else. He’s a playmaker and we know he’s well coached.

2. Michael Brockers only ran a 5.36 so he slipped a bit but he’s a strong guy and can still be a good pass rusher from the interior.

3. Vontaze Burfict didn’t run as well as people expected him to. Expect him to have a good pro day in front of a lot of scouts.

4. Lamar Miller is still the second best running back in the draft but he didn’t do much to separate himself from the pack. I’m only disappointed because he’s a Hurricane.

5. Andre Branch didn’t put on the show scouts were expecting so he did slip a little.

6. Mo Sanu has great hands but he didn’t run a great 40 yard dash. If he can improve his numbers at his pro day, he can probably push himself to be the third best wide receiver.

7. Brandon Washington could’ve probably used another year in Coral Gables. He didn’t run well and he looked overweight.

8. Zebrie Sanders was one of those guys who came in with a lot of scouts excited to see him. He didn’t have a good showing. The good news is that he’s got a lot of potential to improve.

9. Trumaine Johnson didn’t run a great 40 for a defensive back. He didn’t look very fluid in the drills and his broad jump was less than average.

10. Keenan Robinson looked slow in the bag drills and wasn’t impressive at all.

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