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My NBA 2K12 Disappointment Story


Sometimes in life you make a miscalculation, some minor some major, one miscalculation might be costing consumers of the video game sports medium 60 dollars. 2k sports has single handily rendered other NBA franchises obsolete nowadays NBA “The Life” and the NBA “Elite” franchises are considered punchlines to jokes more then once viable products that dominated the sports gaming industry. Even other wacky tacky sports titles like NBA Street, and NBA Jam have suffered at the hand of the 2k juggernaut. 2k11 entered with a monopolized atmosphere, EA sports threw in the towel and called it quits after releasing its NBA “Elite” demo. With the legend of all legends Michael Jordan on the cover all NBA 2k11 had to do was deliver great game play, and they did. 2k11 is regarded as the game that put the NBA “Live” series in the rear view mirror and soon enough even NBA “Live” die hard’s could no longer hold out and the 2k conversion was complete.

While the outlook for the NBA season was bleak the outlook for its virtual counterpart NBA 2k12 could not have been any better. With the promise of cult NBA legends like Grand Mama, Magic Shaq, and Hakeem the dream the NBA 2k12 audience was sold. Even gaming outlets like IGN in simple terms made it evident that 2k12 out shined its predecessor. 2k12 was released and a litany of other issues came to the surface. One of the most glaring was the removal of the hop step which shook the sports gaming community more then any vibrating controller could. With the hop step gone however many cheap moves were evaporated so true 2k gamer’s were not necessarily angered. What came to be a vibrant contradiction in the evolution of the 2k franchise was the unforeseen ease of the the 3 point stroke. 2k12 ushered in an above 50 percent 3 point shooting normality. Nonetheless what 2k12 suffers from is its lack of continuity with its older brother 2k11.

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For one if you were the world beater in 2k11 you will in all likelihood find yourself being at the mercy of glitch exploiters in 2k12 online. Even the improved look of the game is not head and shoulders above the prior years title, at times the graphics seem touch and go bordering between blurry and finite. Nonetheless 2k11 will remain in admiration since it was the one that stood alone and made any other franchise obsolete while 2k12’s biggest knock will be it is simply not better then 2k11. Sometimes however it is best not to hate the game but rather the game that came before it.

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