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Fans Without A Team

Do you remember that commercial? For those of you who have foggy memory, check out the video it depicts a husband and wife who sit idly by while a woman is abused by her husband next door to them, it has a pretty wicked ending which I feel truly depicts what the Cleveland JV team did with Lebron last week. We have all been witnesses to what is now known in the History of sports as “The Decision” we all saw how Lebron so casually ripped out the hearts of millions of Cavalier fans when he decided that it would be best to announce where he would play on national TV.

What The Cavalier Players Did To Lebron

After spending the remainder of the summer licking their wounds, and then watching 18 NBA games of a mediocre  Heat team, the Cavs and their fans finally had a chance at redemption, now lets be honest, no one really expected them to win most fans would of just been happy if the team stayed competitive throughout the entire game. I guess that was too much to ask for. As a die hard New York Knicks fan I was proud of the Cavalier fans, they showed up to the game in drones, were loud proud and let Lebron know how they felt without getting disrespectful or irrational even when the lead went to 40 in the Heats favor they still stood out there firing off Boo’s at him, but the people who they came to support seemed to have something else in mind.

From the moment the game started not a single player on the Cav team looked like he had a drop of fire in him, their highlight reel was filled with lackluster hustle, no defensive intensity, and laughing fits with Lebron. Did they forget that he plays for the other team now? I watched in horror as Lebron had his way with the JV team, while frolicking up and down the court smiling and joking with his new BFF’s Wade, and Bosh, the Heat ran the score up and at one point it got so ugly that I had to change the station because it had gone from a basketball game to a pummeling.  Lebron came back to Cleveland beat up on the fans and the players watched with such detachment from the act that you wondered if they too wanted to play for the heat.

Heat VS Cavs Highlights

I’ve never been one for dirty play but would it have been to much to ask if after the first million shots that Lebron made, someone from the Cavs give him a hard foul, when the game was pretty much over couldn’t you at least give him a couple of cheap elbows. Cleveland fans are not disillusioned they knew you probably were not going to win. But I think I can speak for them when I say they did expect you to at least show up. I guess that was too much to ask for.

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