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Jay-Z’s MLB Equivalent: Derek Jeter
The choice for this sport was very difficult especially with some of the similarities between Jay and the players in the game. Jeter stands out as a match for his winning attitude and swagger in which he plays the game with almost intimidating to pitchers when at the plate as he is never afraid to crowd the plate and take one for the team. Jay-Z has done the same when battling rival MC’s working his way up to the status he is now and never backing down from opponents as they try to lyrically out do him. I guess you can say a pitcher like Roy Halladay is what Jim Jones is to Jay-Z?   
Jay-Z’s NBA Equivalent: Lebron James
I would have to be living under a rock for the past 5 years to not be able to see the equivalency of these two titans. Ever since Lebron came out and said that he was a big fan of Jay-Z it has been a very interesting friendship that has caught the attention of both sports and music fans alike. James has been seen in several games holding up the Rocafella Records signature hand sign after big plays in respect to the hip hop legend. Jay-Z has returned the favor by having James’s back when it comes to his issues with rival players even if it is in the form of a song. Besides the money and fame each has accumulated during their careers their most obvious equivalence could be in 2009? I mean isn’t Brooklyn still New York any way?    
Jay-Z’s NFL Equivalent: Al Davis
Ok so maybe Jay-Z is not in his seventies but he still has a lot in common with longtime Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Davis’s unquenchable thirst for winning has been his trademark as he will do anything necessary to win and will not care about the criticism. He has been attacked in the media by former players and coaches for his decisions but nevertheless still continues to make moves without any regrets. Jay-Z has been criticized plenty of times by former artists that worked for him under Def Jam and still continued to go on with his plan. This head strong stubborn attitude and desire to be the best makes these two more of a match then an odd couple.
Jay-Z’s NHL Equivalent: Sean Avery
This equivalence may be a little surprising to some but not those who really know the two individuals lifestyles. On Sports Center recently Avery did an interview and discussed his fascination with fashion and how he enjoys designing quite the opposite of what his hardcore hockey style shows on the ice. Jay-Z has been a co owner of his own clothing line and has been a trend setter of style in many communities whether it is Yankee fitted caps or collared button down shirts he has the ability to still be viewed as both a fashion icon and a hardcore rap artist. These two are examples of why you cannot tell a book by its cover no matter how fashionable it may be.

Ed is a graduate of SUNY College At Old Westbury. He is currently the New York Knicks Beat Writer for Hoops Habit. Ed also works for MLB Advanced Media and CBS Radio's "1010 WINS" in New York City. He is the founder of Keeping It Real Sports LLC







  1. StanStan on said:

    First off, you’re only comparing Jay-Z to Derek Jeter because you’re thinking subjectively. That said, I’m not going to disagree because on some level, I agree with you.

    Second, I think you’re way off with Lebron. I think if anything, an adequate NBA equivalent to Jay-Z would be a guy like Shaq because of the amount of time he’s been in the league’s elite. Also, you could make the case that Shaq has had several players ride his coattails to the top, just as certain artists used Jay-Z to acquire some success.

    Third, Al Davis is the best you could come up with? If you say Al Davis, you can also say Jerry Jones, Dan Rooney, or any owner with more than one championship. And Al Davis has been known to be a meddler, and a guy who lives in the past.

    Fourth, with exception to the fashion aspect, I disagree with Sean Avery. Truth is, Jay-Z has no NHL equivalent. I guess you could make a case for Brendan Shanahan because of the multiple championships or anyone from the Red Wings in the past 10-15 years for that matter.

    Good try though.