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TOP 5: How To Get Lions Fans Back!

            Monday December 15th was the 73rd anniversary of the Detroit Lions winning the 1935 NFL championship defeating the New York Giants 26 to 7 at the University of Detroit Stadium. It is almost impossible to believe that the now lowly Lions were once of the NFL’s elite as they are currently 0-14 facing the dubious distinction of being the second win less team in NFL history. The loss at the Colts 31 to 21 was just yet another tally in the loss column and strike to the hearts of many Detroit fans who are forced to find every week a reason to root for their home town football team. I have taken the liberty to come up with some ideas that may help salvage fans this season for the Lions and possibly bring even more in before the year is out.
5. Take Weekly Bets On Who Starts At QB – Its a crap shoot every week and it may draw the average gambler to some games. 
4. Coach For The Day – A raffle for fans to win and be coach for a day since it worked in the movie “Eddie” why not now.
3. Matt Millen Appreciation Day – Allow fans to enter the stadium and toss balls in hopes of dunking a mascot version of Matt Millen
2. Pick The Future Contest – At halftime have fans vote on who the Lions should take with the number one pick and the highest voted player will be chosen just like “American Idol”
1. Barry Is Back! – A publicity stunt where Barry Sanders comes out of retirement to start at running back for one game.

Ed is a graduate of SUNY College At Old Westbury. He is currently the New York Knicks Beat Writer for Hoops Habit. Ed also works for MLB Advanced Media and CBS Radio's "1010 WINS" in New York City. He is the founder of Keeping It Real Sports LLC

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