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NFL 2015 Power Rankings – Week 8

32. Tennessee Titans (1-7) (32) – Zach Mettenberger isn’t very good. The running game is almost nonexistent. The defense is pretty bad too. Joey Bosa, this may be your future. Next game: @ New Orleans Saints

31. Detroit Lions (1-7) (31) – The people I feel really bad for are the people of London who had to watch this terrible game. You hear that Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson are coming to town, you buy tickets, and you see guys that look like the guys you’re expecting to show up. Then you watch that game at Wembley Stadium. That must suck. Next game: Bye Week

30. Cleveland Browns (2-6) (30) – The Browns did show a little fight so they deserve some credit. The Cardinals are a good team. No shame in losing to them. Unfortunately, credit doesn’t get them a win.Next game: @ Cincinnati Bengals (TNF)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) (28) – Bye Week. Next game: @ New York Jets

28. San Francisco 49ers (2-6) (27) – The Niners couldn’t do much offensively against the Rams and Todd Gurley once again made defenders look ridiculous. Next game: vs Atlanta Falcons

27. Washington Redskins (3-4) (26) – Bye Week. Next game: @ New England Patriots

26. Chicago Bears (2-5) (23) – Jay Cutler has looked better with this new coaching staff but the defense is just awful. Dreadful even. This game might not have been this close if the Bears defense could make some stops. Next game: @ San Diego Chargers (MNF)

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) (29) – How about these Bucs? Fought the whole way and stole a win from a pretty good team. Next game: vs New York Giants

24. Dallas Cowboys (2-5) (19) – If Tony Romo had played this game, the Cowboys might have won. Matt Cassell is hot garbage. Hot. Garbage. Next game: vs Philadelphia Eagles (SNF)

23. Houston Texans (3-5) (25) – During the show, we mentioned that JJ Watt would be taking over this game. I guess we were right. Next game: Bye Week

22. Baltimore Ravens (2-6) (23) – Old Man Smiff will be back and he will be awesome. You heard it hear first. Next game: Bye Week

21. San Diego Chargers (3-5) (17) – The injuries are starting to pile up for these guys. Its hard not to feel bad for them, considering the inconsistency along the offensive line. They’re not completely out of the AFC Wildcard race but at this point, they’re on the outside looking in. Next game: vs Chicago Bears (MNF)

20. Buffalo Bills (3-4) (20) – Bye Week. Next game: vs Miami Dolphins

19. Miami Dolphins (3-4) (15) – I’m starting to get real damn tired of defending Ryan Tannehill. I thought I was done with this. Please…no more games against the Patriots. Good lord. Next game: @ Buffalo Bills

18. Kansas City Chiefs (3-5) (21) – Of course the Lions would make Alex Smith look like a football god. Only Detroit has that capability. That being said, the Chiefs won’t be playing cupcakes like this very often so pump your brakes, Kansas City. I’m holding so much back. I have so much to say about Kansas City. Next game: Bye Week

17. Oakland Raiders (4-3) (22) – The pieces are starting to come together. This was a quality win. The Jets defense must have had collective food poisoning because the teams that showed up on Sunday didn’t look like the Jets defense we’re used to seeing. Even Geno Smith came in and threw a couple of touchdown passes. Unreal. Next game: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Philadelphia Eagles (16) (16) – Bye Week. Next game: @ Dallas Cowboys (SNF)

15. New York Giants (4-4) (14) – Can you imagine throwing for 6 touchdowns and losing? Ugh. This defense is pitiful. What happened to Spags and this vaunted defensive scheme? JPP isn’t enough to stop a team from getting 7 touchdowns on his own. Next game: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. New Orleans Saints (4-4) (16) – The penalties should have been offset. The field goal should have been longer and the Saints should have lost…but they didn’t. And they’re right in the mix of the NFC playoff race. Next game: vs Tennessee Titans

13. Indianapolis Colts (3-5) (11) – A tale of two halfs. Thats all I have to say. Andrew Luck is never really out of a game. Thats just how good he is. Whoever that was in the first half of this game, forget that guy. The real guy is the one that came out in the second half and completed over 80% of his passes. Next game: vs Denver Broncos

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4) (8) – Just call it. This season is done. Time of death…whatever time this game ended. Next game: vs Oakland Raiders

11. Seattle Seahawks (4-4) (12) – The offensive line play combine with how well the Dallas defensive line played didn’t make things easy for Russell Wilson. A win is a win though, isn’t it? They ran the ball as well as expected and the defense showed up. Next game: Bye Week

10. New York Jets (4-3) (9) – What happened? The one play where Taiwan Jones got free on the touchdown, 5 different defenders missed a tackle. Thats not typical of this Jets defense. Next game:

9. St Louis Rams (4-3) (13) – TODD. GURLEY. Next game: @ Minnesota Vikings

8. Minnesota Vikings (5-2) (10) – Whats not to love about this team? A good young quarterback, a dominant running back, an underdog wide receiver (Stefon Diggs), a good (with potential to be great) defense and a tough head coach. Thats why this team is 5-2. They never stopped battling. I don’t mind rooting for these guys. Next game: vs St Louis Rams

7. Atlanta Falcons (6-2) (6) – This is a tough loss for the Falcons. With the way the Panthers are playing, they can’t afford to drop winnable games like this one. Next game: @ San Francisco 49ers

6. Arizona Cardinals (6-2) (7) – The Browns are an ok team but I think we always knew the result. Next game: Bye Week

5. Green Bay Packers (6-1) (2) – I’m not going to lie, I really thought that the Packers would win this game. Give credit to the Broncos defense. They attacked and made Aaron Rodgers uncomfortable all night. The Packers defense couldn’t stop the run either. Next game: @ Carolina Panthers

4. Carolina Panthers (7-0) (5) – I don’t think the game should’ve ended so close but the better team did prevail. The Panthers defense took their foot off the gas and let the Colts back in the game late but the entire team dug in to get this well deserved win. Next game: vs Green Bay Packers

3. Cincinnati Bengals (7-0) (4) – How about these Bengals man? This was probably a bigger game for the Steelers because of the record and standings but the impact is important. For years the Steelers have been the big boys in the AFC North and now the Bengals made it clear that this is their division and they’re going to seize control by any means necessary. Next game: vs Cleveland Browns (TNF)

2. Denver Broncos (7-0) (3) – Looks like Peyton Manning still has something left in the tank. And now he’s got Vernon Davis as a new target. Gotta make moves if they wanna keep up with the Joneses…or in this case it would be the Bradys and Belichicks. Next game: @ Indianapolis Colts

1. New England Patriots (7-0) (1) – The Patriots are just making everyone look bad. Its getting scary. Next game: vs Washington Redskins

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