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The Cousins & Karl Conundrum

One has to wonder if the George Karl Demarcus Cousins era is going to ever come to pasture. Karl’s reentered the NBA after a short stint on ESPN where it seems any fired coach fits right in. Still like all ex coaches he had an itch he could not scratch and now he’s back in the big leagues clashing with the beast known as “Boogie”.


Full disclosure I am a huge Cousins fan, I’m a sucker for any player with a post game and nice face up jumper also there’s that insane ability he has to dribble almost to the ability of a guard. He’s sleek and has finesse with overwhelming power, still he’s temperamental and ebbs and flows from play to play. Lets get back to reality however; Demarcus Cousins is infinitely more valuable than George Karl can ever be. Its no shot to Karl the countless disenchanted players who are fed up with Karl’s snaky maneuvers are shots to Karl. It cannot be stressed enough that the player is much more valuable than a coach can ever be.


If Drummond wants Van Gundy gone he will go. If Durant wants Donavan gone he will go. If Davis wants Gentry gone he will be gone. Coaching is important but there are a lot of great basketball minds out there but there is a NFL salary like cap on how much NBA talent is out there. Cousin’s is just so damn good and Karl is one of the many coaches out there with a great past but now he looks like a dinosaur. We do not know how this will end; just kidding we know how this is going to end, and Karl is going to be axed plain and simple.

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