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The Future Of The ESPN “Talking Head”

ESPN the “King of Kings” is showing some chinks in its armor. The once widely held notion that sports is the only thing “cord cutters” are not willing to part ways with seems like a big oversight. Many reports have the world wide leader in sports losing millions of subscribers as people realize hey “maybe I can live without seeing Jason Whitlock fill in for the guy I really wanna watch”.


The bigger issue for hardcore sports fans is what this means for ESPN’s talking heads like Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and to a lesser extent someone I think is a diamond in the rough at ESPN Ryen Russilo. Yea we love all these talking heads and hate them all at once but with ESPN making moves to cut cost at what point do the talking heads become unnecessary. For one it seems we are arriving at the point when we realize simply being on ESPN is what makes guys like Bomani Jones, Dan Lebatard, and others so special. If those guys were on CBS Sports would anyone really care?

ESPN’s “First Take” Funny Highlights

How will ESPN look in the future? As more people pay for what they want will ESPN soon start to think anyone on there roster will make people stay? This speaks to a larger issue that can trigger so many roster changes for the sports giant. Could one honestly say that Bomani Jones would stop someone from saying to hell with it I’m going straight Netflix on the game? There’s a lot of questions to be answered but my estimation is ESPN is headed towards overhauling its team and outside of the NFL/ NBA insider crews most anyone who has a profile is fair game.

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