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A Failure In Progress “The End of the Deron Williams Era In Brooklyn”

The Deron Williams era for the Brooklyn Nets played like a Diplomats reunion in 2028. It never felt good and the hopes of it eroded quicker than that other team in New York’s bad contract extended to an aging player who’s best years were behind him. For Nets fans Deron Williams was hard to get and it was never really a joy to tune in and watch him. For the most part Deron Williams was reticent, apoplectic on the court and off, it seemed like he knew the Brooklyn part of his career was a failure in progress.

Nets woes are well publicized for years they will have to watch NBA drafts like a mid wife watches an ice cream truck while on a summer diet. As a Net fan the lowest of lows watching Deron Williams was his absolutely embarrassing account of himself in the 2013 playoffs where he was inconsistent and just plain old out of shape as his team lost to the undermanned Bulls in 7. Once a talent now an above average serviceable point guard who still carried himself like the franchise owed him more than his overvalued contract.

Highlights Part 2

Sometimes breakups go bad but you remember the good times except in this case there was no good times and those good times happened in New Jersey, no one remembers good times in Jersey. Its time to move on and it wont be hard to get over Deron Williams, his full stardom never even appeared in Brooklyn. Life goes on and I certainly cannot wait until the day I do not have to watch Deron Williams play point guard for my team.

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